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SpeakSheets 12 Language Cheat Sheet   Welcome to SpeakSheets.com, where you can download printable language cheat sheets that make your travels fun and immersive!   Visiting a country where you need to learn some language basics?  SpeakSheets.com has you covered. Want Access To All Of Our SpeakSheets? Sign up today for a one-time cost of $17 and receive a Lifetime Membership! Every week, we’re adding new SpeakSheets – detailed languages cheat sheets covering basics, food, pronunciation, culture, travel tips and more!
  Who Are We? We’re Owl and Bear, digital nomads traveling and working around the world indefinitely.   We’ve had a lot of fun, made plenty of mistakes, been embarrassed at times. We know how much richer and more interesting travel is when you know a bit of the local language. If you have any questions, just drop us a line.