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If you are traveling to American Samoa, Antigua and Barbuda, Australia etc... (see full list below), then you need a bit of travel language help! SpeakSheets offers printable and downloadable English language sheets to make your travels easier and more fun.

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Whether you take a side trip to another country or are planning a new trip next year, SpeakSheets has you covered.

Learn how to say and pronounce English words in the following categories – all these words are super-helpful for your travels through English-speaking regions:

A bit more about the English-speaking regions of the world…

American Samoa: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, SamoanU.S. dollarEast Asia & Pacific
Antigua and Barbuda: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishEast Caribbean dollarLatin America & Caribbean
Australia: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishAustralian dollarEast Asia & Pacific
Barbados: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishBarbados dollarLatin America & Caribbean
Belize: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishBelize dollarLatin America & Caribbean
Bermuda: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishBermuda dollarNorth America
Botswana: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, TswanaBotswana pulaSub-Saharan Africa
Cameroon: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, FrenchCFA francSub-Saharan Africa
Canada: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, FrenchCanadian dollarNorth America
Cayman Islands: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishCayman Islands dollarLatin America & Caribbean
Channel Islands: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishPound sterlingEurope & Central Asia
Dominica: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishEast Caribbean dollarLatin America & Caribbean
Eritrea: Languages and Travel InformationArabic, EnglishEritrean nakfaSub-Saharan Africa
Fiji: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, Fijian, HindiFijian dollarEast Asia & Pacific
Ghana: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishNew Ghanaian cediSub-Saharan Africa
Grenada: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishEast Caribbean dollarLatin America & Caribbean
Guam: Languages and Travel InformationChamorro, EnglishU.S. dollarEast Asia & Pacific
Guyana: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishGuyana dollarLatin America & Caribbean
Hong Kong SAR, China: Languages and Travel InformationChinese, EnglishHong Kong dollarEast Asia & Pacific
India: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, Hindi, PanjabiIndian rupeeSouth Asia
Ireland: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, IrishEuroEurope & Central Asia
Isle of Man: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, ManxPound sterlingEurope & Central Asia
Jamaica: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishJamaican dollarLatin America & Caribbean
Kenya: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, SwahiliKenyan shillingSub-Saharan Africa
Kiribati: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishAustralian dollarEast Asia & Pacific
Lesotho: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, SothoLesotho lotiSub-Saharan Africa
Liberia: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishLiberian dollarSub-Saharan Africa
Malawi: Languages and Travel InformationChewa, EnglishMalawi kwachaSub-Saharan Africa
Malta: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, MalteseEuroEurope & Central Asia
Marshall Islands: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, MarshalleseU.S. dollarEast Asia & Pacific
Mauritius: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, FrenchMauritian rupeeSub-Saharan Africa
Micronesia: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishU.S. dollarEast Asia & Pacific
Namibia: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishNamibian dollarSub-Saharan Africa
New Zealand: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, MaoriNew Zealand dollarEast Asia & Pacific
Nigeria: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishNigerian nairaSub-Saharan Africa
Northern Mariana Islands: Languages and Travel InformationChamorro, EnglishU.S. dollarEast Asia & Pacific
Pakistan: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, Panjabi, UrduPakistani rupeeSouth Asia
Palau: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, JapaneseU.S. dollarEast Asia & Pacific
Papua New Guinea: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, Hiri MotuPapua New Guinea kinaEast Asia & Pacific
Philippines: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, FilipinoPhilippine pesoEast Asia & Pacific
Puerto Rico: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, SpanishU.S. dollarLatin America & Caribbean
Rwanda: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, French, KinyarwandaRwandan francSub-Saharan Africa
Samoa: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishSamoan talaEast Asia & Pacific
Seychelles: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, FrenchSeychelles rupeeSub-Saharan Africa
Sierra Leone: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishSierra Leonean leoneSub-Saharan Africa
Singapore: Languages and Travel InformationChinese, English, TamilSingapore dollarEast Asia & Pacific
Solomon Islands: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishSolomon Islands dollarEast Asia & Pacific
Somalia: Languages and Travel InformationArabic, EnglishSomali shillingSub-Saharan Africa
South Africa: Languages and Travel InformationAfrikaans, English, Sotho, Southern Ndebele, Swati, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa, ZuluSouth African randSub-Saharan Africa
South Sudan: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishSouth Sudanese PoundSub-Saharan Africa
Sri Lanka: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, Sinhala, TamilSri Lankan rupeeSouth Asia
St. Kitts and Nevis: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishEast Caribbean dollarLatin America & Caribbean
St. Lucia: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishEast Caribbean dollarLatin America & Caribbean
St. Martin (French part): Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, FrenchEuroLatin America & Caribbean
St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishEast Caribbean dollarLatin America & Caribbean
Sudan: Languages and Travel InformationArabic, EnglishSudanese poundSub-Saharan Africa
Swaziland: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, SwatiSwaziland lilangeniSub-Saharan Africa
Tanzania: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, SwahiliTanzanian shillingSub-Saharan Africa
The Bahamas: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishBahamian dollarLatin America & Caribbean
The Gambia: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishGambian dalasiSub-Saharan Africa
Tonga: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, TonganTongan pa'angaEast Asia & Pacific
Trinidad and Tobago: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishTrinidad and Tobago dollarLatin America & Caribbean
Turks and Caicos Islands: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishU.S. dollarLatin America & Caribbean
Tuvalu: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, TuvaluAustralian dollarEast Asia & Pacific
Uganda: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, SwahiliUgandan shillingSub-Saharan Africa
United Kingdom: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishPound sterlingEurope & Central Asia
United States: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishU.S. dollarNorth America
Vanuatu: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, FrenchVanuatu vatuEast Asia & Pacific
Virgin Islands: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishU.S. dollarLatin America & Caribbean
West Bank and Gaza: Languages and Travel InformationArabic, English, HebrewIsraeli new shekelMiddle East & North Africa
Zambia: Languages and Travel InformationEnglishZambian kwachaSub-Saharan Africa
Zimbabwe: Languages and Travel InformationEnglish, Northern Ndebele, ShonaU.S. dollarSub-Saharan Africa

Saved me tons of time!

Hannah F. says…

“I am off to Russia and eastern Europe to study. I had put together a few language pages before I found yours and it has saved me tons of time. Thank you!”
– Hannah F., Evergreen, CO

Big In Japan!

Carrie S. says…

“SpeakSheets were very helpful for our trip to Japan, especially for my friend who has very little familiarity with Japanese.”
– Carrie S., Ventura, CA

Smiles and SpeakSheets

Lisa M. smiles

“We are traveling to France, near Grenoble, where my future in-laws live six months out of the year. The one downside is we have no French-speaking ability, so we’ll just put our smiles on and bring our SpeakSheets!”
– Lisa M., Ojai, CA

Essential for my travels

Tim Hall testimonial

“It’s great to have my SpeakSheets when visiting a foreign language country. I went to France at the beginning of the year, and now i’m on my way to Italy. What i like is i get the English, then the Italian spelling and then the detailed phonetic info. Also each category of phrases is in an easy to find box.”
– Timothy Hall, President, Eco Ranchos Agroforestry

About Us:  SpeakSheets provides printable language cheat sheets to make travel more fun and immersive.    Download the PDF’s, print them out, put them on the fridge, even access them on your phone or tablet.   We have learned from experience that a little investment in learning the language of the country you are visiting makes your travels fun and immersive.  Try SpeakSheets today!

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