How to say when? in Swahili: lini


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How to say when? in Swahili: lini

Learning Swahili for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say when? in Swahili: lini
Say it out loud: “lee nee

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Some more helpful words in our Swahili Time category:

business hours – masaa ya biashara  (ma sah ya bee ah sha rah)
day after tomorrow – Kesho kutwa  (ke show ku twaa)
one hour – lisaa limoja  (lee sah lee mo jah)
this evening – leo jioni  (lay oh jee oh nee)
this morning – leo asubuhi  (lay oh ah soo boo hee)
today – leo  (lay oh)
tomorrow – kesho  (keh shoh)
two hours – masaa mawili  (ma sah mm wee lee)
when? – lini  (lee nee)
yesterday; last night – kesho kutwa  (keh shoh koot wah)
you got the time? – saa ngapi?  (sah n gah pee)

And here’s how to say when? in other languages!

Arabic–Mata?  (ma ta)
Chinese–Shénmēshíhòu?  (Shuh Me Shr Hou?)
Croatian–kada?  (kah duh?)
Czech–kdy?  (kday?)
Finnish–koska?  (cohs kah?)
French–Quand?  (kahn (faint n))
German–wann  (vahn)
Italian–Quando?  (qwan doe)
Japanese–Itsu?  (Ee Tsuh?)
Korean–Eonje?  (Un Je?)
Polish–kiedy?  (kye' dee?)
Portuguese–Quando  (koo-an doo)
Russian–kogda?  (kah gdah?)
Spanish–¿cuándo?  (kwahn doe?)
Swahili–lini  (lee nee)
Thai–Muea Rai  (MUU-AH rai)
Turkish–ne zaman?  (nay zah mahn?)
Vietnamese–Khi Nào?  (Khee Now?)

"when?" (lini) did you get back in town? "when?" (lini) did travel? Another phrase that you will need to use just about every few minutes in your travels while experiencing new culture. Want to learn about more phrases? Get instant access to the Swahili Language Set.


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