How to say wheat in Croatian: pšenica


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How to say wheat in Croatian: pšenica

Learning Croatian for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say wheat in Croatian: pšenica
Say it out loud: “puh sheh neet suh

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Some more helpful words in our Croatian Diet Considerations category:

bread – kruh  (krooH)
celiac – celijakija  (sell ee ah kee ya)
cheese – sir  (seer)
dairy – mljekara  (mill yay kah rah)
eggs – jaja  (ya ya)
gluten-free – bez glutena  (bayz gloo ten uh)
I am vegan – ja sam vegan  (ya sahm vay gen)
I am vegetarian – ne jedem meso  (nay yay dem meh so)
I don't eat… – ne jedem…  (nay yay dem)
kosher – košer  (ko shair)
meat – meso  (meh zo)
milk – mlijeko  (mlee yay koh)
nuts – matice  (mah teet say)
organic – organski  (or gahn skee)
sugar – šećer  (sheh chair)
wheat – pšenica  (puh sheh neet suh)

And here’s how to say wheat in other languages!

Arabic–Qamh  (kamh)
Chinese–Xiǎomài  (Shyao Mai)
Croatian–pšenica  (puh sheh neet suh)
Czech–pšenice  (pscheh neet say)
Finnish–vehnä  (vehh na)
French–blé  (blee)
German–weizen  (vyt zen)
Italian–grano  (grah no)
Japanese–Komugi  (Koh Moo Gee)
Korean–Mil  (Mil)
Polish–zboże  (zbo' zheh)
Portuguese–Trigo  (tree goo)
Russian–pshenitsa  (psheh nee tsah)
Spanish–trigo  (tree go)
Swahili–ngano  (nn gah noh)
Thai–Khao Sali  (KAO sah lee)
Turkish–bugday  (boo dye)
Vietnamese–Mì  (Mee)

"wheat" (pšenica) and "wheat" (pšenica) products are some of the common allergens, yet most favorite food ingredients in most cultures. Therefore knowing how to confirm whether the food is free of "wheat" (pšenica) in Croatian is important, if you are allergic. Get instant access to the Croatian Language Set and learn more about common food phrases.

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