How to say well done in Swahili: ilioiva vizuri


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How to say well done in Swahili: ilioiva vizuri

Learning Swahili for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say well done in Swahili: ilioiva vizuri
Say it out loud: “ee lee oh ee vah vee zoo ree

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Some more helpful words in our Swahili Cooking Methods category:

baked – kuokwa  (koo oh kwah)
boiled – chemsha  (cheh mm shah)
fried – karanga  (kah rah n’ gah)
grilled – choma  (choh mah)
rare – mbichi kiasi  (mm bee chee kee ah see)
raw – mbichi  (mm bee chee)
sauteed – kaangwa  (kah ah nn gwa)
spicy – yenye viungo  (yeh n’yeh vee oo n’goh)
stewed – kitoweo  (kee toh weh o’)
stuffed – jaza viungo  (jah zah vee uh nn goh)
well done – ilioiva vizuri  (ee lee oh ee vah vee zoo ree)

And here’s how to say well done in other languages!

Arabic–Ahsant  (ah sant)
Chinese–Lǎo  (Lao)
Croatian–kuhani i  (koo hahn ee ee)
Czech–propečený  (pro petch eh nee)
Finnish–kypsä  (kip sah)
French–très bien cuit  (tray bee ahn kwee)
German–durchgebraten  (dursh geh brah ten)
Italian–ben cotta  (ben coot uh)
Japanese–Werudan  (Weh Roo Dann)
Korean–Weldeon  (Well Done)
Polish–dobrze wysmażony  (dob' zhe vee sma zho' nyh)
Portuguese–Bem Passado  (behm paas ah doo)
Russian–horosho prozharennyu  (hah rah shoh prah zhah rye nyu)
Spanish–bien cocido  (bee in koe see doe)
Swahili–ilioiva vizuri  (ee lee oh ee vah vee zoo ree)
Thai–Suk  (sook)
Turkish–iyi pişmiş  (ee yay pish mish)
Vietnamese–Chín  (Chin)

Do you prefer your meat rare or "well done" (ilioiva vizuri)? Most cultures including the Swahili will easily accomodate your preferences. Don't be afraid of asking for what you want or even asking for their opinion or suggestions! Get instant access to the Swahili Language Set and best of all, have fun experimenting with new food.


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