How to say veal in Vietnamese: Bê


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How to say veal in Vietnamese: Bê

Learning Vietnamese for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say veal in Vietnamese: Bê
Say it out loud: “Beh

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Some more helpful words in our Vietnamese Meats category:

beef – Bò  (Baw)
chicken – Gà  (Ga)
duck – Vịt  (Veet)
goat – Dê  (Yeh)
ham – Dăm Bông  (Yam Bom)
lamb – Cừu  (Guu)
mutton – Thịt Trừu  (Tit Truu)
pork – Heo  (Heyo)
rabbit – Thỏ  (Taw)
steak – Steak  (Steak)
veal – Bê  (Beh)
venison – Nai  (Nai)

And here’s how to say veal in other languages!

Arabic–Lahm El-Ejl  (lahm el ejl)
Chinese–Xiǎo Niúròu  (Shyao Nyou Row)
Croatian–teletina  (tell uh tee nuh)
Czech–telecí  (tehl et see)
Finnish–vasikka  (vah sick kah)
French–viande de veau  (vee ahn day voo)
German–kalbfleisch  (kībe flīsh)
Italian–vitello  (vee tell o)
Japanese–Koushi (No Niku)  (Kowshee (Noh Nee Koo))
Korean–Songaji Gogi  (Song Ah Jee Go Gi)
Polish–cielęcina  (tzie len tzi' na)
Portuguese–Carne De Vitela  (kah nee jee vee te lah)
Russian–telyatina  (tye lya tee nah)
Spanish–ternera  (tair nair uh)
Swahili–ndama  (nn dah mah)
Thai–Nuea Luk Wua  (noo-ah LOOK woo-ah)
Turkish–dana eti  (dah nuh eh tay)
Vietnamese–Bê  (Beh)

Is your favorite cut or meat "veal" (Bê)? Do you want to know if they serve it in the Vietnamese and how they serve it? Then go ahead and find out! Which other meats are your favorite? Learn what they are called through our instant access to the Vietnamese Language Set. Happy food exploring!


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