How to say two hours in Czech: dvě hodiny


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How to say two hours in Czech: dvě hodiny

Learning Czech for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say two hours in Czech: dvě hodiny
Say it out loud: “duh vay hoe deeny

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Some more helpful words in our Czech Time category:

business hours – otevírací doba  (oo tev EAR ahsee doe bah)
day after tomorrow – pozítří  (poe ZEE trchee)
one hour – jedna hodina  (yehd nah hoe deena)
this evening – dnes večer  (duh ness vuh chair)
this morning – dnes ráno  (duh ness RAH no)
today – dnes  (duh ness)
tomorrow – zítra  (ZEE trah)
two hours – dvě hodiny  (duh vay hoe deeny)
when? – kdy?  (kday?)
yesterday; last night – včera; včera v noci  (vuh CHAIR ah; vuh CHAIR ah v no see)
you got the time? – kolik je hodin?  (ko leek yeh ho deen?)

And here’s how to say two hours in other languages!

Arabic–Sa'atan  (sa ha tan)
Chinese–Liǎng Gè Xiǎoshí  (Lyang Guh Shyao Shr)
Croatian–dva sata  (dvah sah tuh)
Czech–dvě hodiny  (duh vay hoe deeny)
Finnish–kaksi tuntia  (kaxih tuhn tia)
French–Deux heures  (dooz ayeh)
German–zwei stunden  (tsvy shtoon duhn)
Italian–Due ore  (doo way or ay)
Japanese–NI Jikan  (Nee Jee Kahn)
Korean–Du Sigan  (Doo Shi Gan)
Polish–dwie godziny  (dvie go jee' nee)
Portuguese–Duas Horas  (doo-aas oh ras)
Russian–dva chasa  (dvah che sah)
Spanish–dos horas  (dōs or us)
Swahili–masaa mawili  (ma sah mm wee lee)
Thai–Song Chua Mong  (song CHOO-ah mong)
Turkish–iki saat  (ee kay saht)
Vietnamese–Hai Giờ  (Hai Yuh)

'I'll be there in "two hours" (dvě hodiny). Or give me "two hours" (dvě hodiny). Our favorite, almost default time when we are making an appointment. Doesn't it sound even better when said in Czech? What about other 'timely' phrases? Get them from the instant access to the Czech Language Set.


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