How to say tomorrow in Vietnamese: Ngày Mai


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How to say tomorrow in Vietnamese: Ngày Mai

Learning Vietnamese for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say tomorrow in Vietnamese: Ngày Mai
Say it out loud: “Ngay My

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Some more helpful words in our Vietnamese Time category:

business hours – Giờ Làm Việc  (Yuh Lam Vee-Ek)
day after tomorrow – Ngày Mốt  (Ngay Mote)
one hour – Một Giờ  (Mot Yuh)
this evening – Tối Nay  (Toy Ni)
this morning – Sáng Nay  (Sahng Nai)
today – Hôm Nay  (Hom Nai)
tomorrow – Ngày Mai  (Ngay My)
two hours – Hai Giờ  (Hai Yuh)
when? – Khi Nào?  (Khee Now?)
yesterday; last night – Hôm Qua; Tối Hôm Qua  (Hom Gwa; Toy Hom Kwah)
you got the time? – Bạn Có Rảnh Không?  (Ban Caw Ran Khom?)

And here’s how to say tomorrow in other languages!

Arabic–Ghadan  (ga dan)
Chinese–Míngtiān  (Ming Tyen)
Croatian–sutra  (sue truh)
Czech–zítra  (ZEE trah)
Finnish–huomenna  (hu oh men nah)
French–Demain  (due mahn (faint n))
German–morgen  (mawr gun)
Italian–Domani  (doe mahn ee)
Japanese–Ashita  (Ah Shee Tah)
Korean–Naeil  (Nae Il)
Polish–jutro  (yoo' troh)
Portuguese–Amanhã  (ah man yahn)
Russian–zavtra  (zah ftrah)
Spanish–mañana  (mahn yahn' uh)
Swahili–kesho  (keh shoh)
Thai–Phrung Ni  (proong nee)
Turkish–yarin  (yuh rin)
Vietnamese–Ngày Mai  (Ngay My)

I'll be arriving "tomorrow" (Ngày Mai). Imagine not being able to communicate this to your host simply because you did not know the Vietnamese equivalent! Luckily, our instant access to the Vietnamese Language Set has you covered!


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