How to say Thursday in Thai: Wan Pharuehat


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How to say Thursday in Thai: Wan Pharuehat

Learning Thai for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say Thursday in Thai: Wan Pharuehat
Say it out loud: “wahn pah roo hat

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Some more helpful words in our Thai Days category:

Friday – Wan Suk  (wahn sook)
Monday – Wan Jan  (wahn jahn)
Saturday – Wan Sao  (wahn sao)
Sunday – Wan Athit  (wahn ah tit)
Thursday – Wan Pharuehat  (wahn pah roo hat)
Tuesday – Wan Angkhan  (wahn ahng kahn)
Wednesday – Wan Pht  (wahn poot)

And here’s how to say Thursday in other languages!

Arabic–Al Khamees  (al kha mees)
Chinese–Xīngqīsì  (Shing Chee Si)
Croatian–četvrtak  (chet vuh ruh tock)
Czech–čtvrtek  (shtr tek)
Finnish–torstai  (tohrs tie)
French–Jeudi  (jhu dee)
German–Donnerstag  (don ers tahk)
Italian–giovedi  (jo vay dee)
Japanese–Moku Youbi  (Moh Koo Yow Bee)
Korean–Mogyoil  (Mok Yo Il)
Polish–czwartek  (tschfar' tek)
Portuguese–Quinta-Feira  (keen tah fayrah)
Russian–chetverg  (cheet vyerk)
Spanish–jueves  (way vays)
Swahili–Alhamisi  (ahl ha mee see)
Thai–Wan Pharuehat  (wahn pah roo hat)
Turkish–Perşembe  (pear shahm bay)
Vietnamese–Thứ Năm  (Too Nahm)

When learning Thai days of the week are among the first and easy phrases that you will learn, and how to use it. For example "Thursday" (Wan Pharuehat) . So when asked, what day is it today? You will answer "Thursday" (Wan Pharuehat).

Learn other days of the week and how to apply them using our instant access to the Thai Language Set.


Ross in Thailand
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