How to say this evening in Polish: dziś wieczór


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How to say this evening in Polish: dziś wieczór

Learning Polish for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say this evening in Polish: dziś wieczór
Say it out loud: “jeesh veeah' choor

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Some more helpful words in our Polish Time category:

business hours – godziny pracy  (go jee' nee pra' tzee)
day after tomorrow – pojutrze  (po yoo' tsheh)
days – dni  (dnee)
last night – ostatniej nocy  (os tat' nyeay no' tzy)
later – poźniej  (pooz' nyeay)
minutes – minuty  (mee noo' ty)
months – miesiące  (meah syo' tzeh)
next time – następnym razem  (nas temp' nhym ra' zem)
one hour – godzina  (goh jee' na)
this evening – dziś wieczór  (jeesh veeah' choor)
this morning – dziś rano  (jeesh ra' noh)
today – dziś  (jeesh)
tomorrow – jutro  (yoo' troh)
two hours – dwie godziny  (dvie go jee' nee)
weeks – tygodnie  (tee god' neeah)
when? – kiedy?  (kye' dee?)
years – lata  (la' ta)
yesterday; last night – wczoraj  (vcho' rai)
you got the time? – która godzina?  (too'rah go jee'na?)

And here’s how to say this evening in other languages!

Arabic–Haza Al Masaa'  (ha za al ma sah)
Chinese–Jīn Wǎn  (Jin Wan)
Croatian–večeras  (veh cheh rahs)
Czech–dnes večer  (duh ness vuh chair)
Finnish–tänä iltana  (ta nah ill ta nah)
French–Ce soir  (suh swah)
German–heute abend  (hoy tuh ah bent)
Italian–Sta sera  (stah say rah)
Japanese–Kon Ya  (Kohn Yah)
Korean–Oneul Jeonyeok  (Oh Nul Juh Nyuk)
Polish–dziś wieczór  (jeesh veeah' choor)
Portuguese–Esta Tarde  (es ta tahr jee)
Russian–etim vecherom  (eh tee mvye che rahm)
Spanish–esta noche  (ess tuh no chay)
Swahili–leo jioni  (lay oh jee oh nee)
Thai–Yen Ni  (yen nee)
Turkish–bu akşam  (boo ahk shahm)
Vietnamese–Tối Nay  (Toy Ni)

I will be arriving "this evening" (dziś wieczór). That is how you update your Polish hosts. This is a simple, day-to-day phrase which comes in handy in your adventures. To learn more phrases, Get instant access to the Polish Language Set.


Agnieszka Piasecka
Biography: Agnieszka Piasecka comes from Poland. She speaks Polish, Russian and English. Agnieszka completed a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from Catholic University of Lublin. For several years she has worked as a Landscape Architect in Dublin, Ireland. In 2011 she decided it was time for a change of scenery (and weather) and she moved to China. She currently works as a Project Designer in Nanjing.
Born: Pulawy, Poland
Location: Nanjing, China

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