How to say table for two in Italian: tavolo per due


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How to say table for two in Italian: tavolo per due

Learning Italian for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say table for two in Italian: tavolo per due
Say it out loud: “tah voll' oh pair doo way

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Some more helpful words in our Italian Dining Basics category:

beer / wine – birra / vino  (beer uh / vee no)
beverage – bevanda  (beh vahn duh)
business hours – orario di apertura  (oh rah ree oh dee ah pair tur uh)
casual restaurant – trattoria  (trah toar rhee uh)
check – il conto  (ill cone toe)
coffee / tea – caffè / tè  (caff fay / tay)
grocery store – drogheria  (droh gair ee' uh)
marketplace – mercato  (mehr cah toe)
menu – menu  (men oo)
restaurant – ristorante  (rees toh rahn tay)
service charge – servizio gratuito  (sur veet' zee oh grah too it toh)
table for two – tavolo per due  (tah voll' oh pair doo way)
tip – il servizio  (ill sur veet' zee oh)
water – acqua  (ah kwuh)

And here’s how to say table for two in other languages!

Arabic–Tawela le shakhsayn  (ta we la le shak sayen)
Chinese–Liǎng Wèi  (Lyang Way)
Croatian–stol za dvoje  (stoll zaht voh yay)
Czech–stůl pro dva  (stool pro dva)
Finnish–pöytä kahdelle  (poe ta kahh dell leh)
French–table pour deux  (tahb luh pour dooh)
German–tisch für zwei  (tish fur tsvy)
Italian–tavolo per due  (tah voll' oh pair doo way)
Japanese–Futari Bun No Seki  (Foo Tah Ree Bunn Noh Seh Kee)
Korean–2in Teibeul  (Ee Yin Table)
Polish–stolik dla dwojga  (sto' leek dla dvoy'ga)
Portuguese–Mesa Para Duas Pessoas  (may za praa doo-aas peh sow-aas)
Russian–stolik na dvoih  (stoh leek nah dvah eeh)
Spanish–mesa para dos  (may sah pah rah dōs)
Swahili–meza ya wawili  (meh za yah wah wee’ lee)
Thai–Do Song Khon  (to song kone)
Turkish–iki tablo  (ee kay tah blow)
Vietnamese–Bàn Cho Hai Người  (Bahn Chaw Hi Ngui)

You have visited the Italian culture. You have toured all the places you wanted for the day and now you are settling in for a drink or dinner. When you step into the restaurant, you will be greeted by a waiter and you will go ahead and request for a "table for two" (tavolo per due). Once you sit, what next? Find out through our instant access to the Italian Language Set.

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