How to say straight ahead in Swahili: mbele


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How to say straight ahead in Swahili: mbele

Learning Swahili for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say straight ahead in Swahili: mbele
Say it out loud: “mm beh leh

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Some more helpful words in our Swahili Directions category:

left – kushoto  (koo shoh toh)
near to – karibu na  (kah ree' boo nah)
next to – kando ya  (kan doh yah)
right – kulia  (koo lee' uh)
straight ahead – mbele  (mm beh leh)

And here’s how to say straight ahead in other languages!

Arabic–Ela Al Amam Mobasharatan  (ela al amam mo ba sha ra tan)
Chinese–Qiánmiàn  (Chyen Myen)
Croatian–ravno  (rahv no)
Czech–rovně  (rove NYEH)
Finnish–suoraan eteenpäin  (su oraahn eh teehn pa in)
French–tout droit  (too dwah)
German–geradeaus  (guh rah duh ows)
Italian–diretto  (dee rehtoe)
Japanese–Massugu  (Massoo Goo)
Korean–Baro Apjjok  (Ba Ro Ap Jjok)
Polish–prosto  (pro' sto)
Portuguese–Bem Em Frente  (behm ehm frayn chee)
Russian–pryamo  (prya mah)
Spanish–todo derecho  (toe doe duh ray chō)
Swahili–mbele  (mm beh leh)
Thai–Trong Pai  (drong bai)
Turkish–dosdoğru  (dos' doh ruh)
Vietnamese–Đi Thẳng  (Dee Tang)

When you ask a native for directions, they might answer "straight ahead" (mbele). The phrase will help you know where to head next. Get instant access to the Swahili Language Set to learn more.


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