How to say spinach in Turkish: ıspanak


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How to say spinach in Turkish: ıspanak

Learning Turkish for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say spinach in Turkish: ıspanak
Say it out loud: “oos' pah nahk

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Some more helpful words in our Turkish Vegetables category:

artichokes – enginar  (in gee nahr)
beans – fasulye  (fah sool yay)
carrots – havuç  (ha voach)
chickpeas – nohut  (no hoot)
cucumber – salatalik  (sah lah tall ik)
eggplant – patlican  (pot' lee jahn)
garlic – sarimsak  (sah' rim sahk)
lentils – mercimek  (mare' jee mek)
mushrooms – mantar  (mahn' tar)
olives – zeytin  (zay tin)
onions – soğan  (so on)
peppers – biber  (bee bear')
potato – patates  (puh tah tays)
salad – salata  (suh lah tah)
spinach – ıspanak  (oos' pah nahk)
tomatoes – domates  (doe' mah tess)

And here’s how to say spinach in other languages!

Arabic–Sabanekh  (sa ba nek)
Chinese–Bōcài  (Bwo Tsai)
Croatian–špinat  (shpee naht)
Czech–špenát  (schpen aht)
Finnish–pinaatti  (pin aaht tih)
French–épinards  (ay pee nahr)
German–spinat  (zpee not)
Italian–spinaci  (spin ah chee)
Japanese–Hourensou  (Hoh Ren Saw)
Korean–Sigeumchi  (Shi Gum Chi)
Polish–szpinak  (shpee' nak)
Portuguese–Espinafre  (es peen ah free)
Russian–shpinat  (shpee naht)
Spanish–espinacas  (ess pee nah' kuhs)
Swahili–mchicha  (m’ chee chah)
Thai–Phak Khom  (pahk kohm)
Turkish–ıspanak  (oos' pah nahk)
Vietnamese–Cải Bó Xôi  (Cai Baw Soy)

"spinach" (ıspanak) is one of the healthy side dishes packed full of goodness. Available in most cultures, don't feel shy about asking for a plate! Get instant access to the Turkish Language Set.

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