How to say service charge in Portuguese: O Serviço


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How to say service charge in Portuguese: O Serviço

Learning Portuguese for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say service charge in Portuguese: O Serviço
Say it out loud: “oh sehr vee soo

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Some more helpful words in our Portuguese Dining Basics category:

beer / wine – Cerveja / Vinho  (sehr vay juh / veen yoo)
beverage – Bebida  (beh bee dah)
business hours – Horário De Serviço  (oh rah ree-oo jee sehr vee soo)
casual restaurant – Restaurante Self-Service  (hes tah-oo-rahn chee self sehr vees)
check – A Conta  (ah kon tah)
coffee / tea – Café/Chá  (kah fay/shaa)
grocery store – Mercearia  (mehr se aahr ee-ah)
marketplace – Mercado  (mehr kah doo)
menu – Cardápio  (kah daa pee-oo)
restaurant – Restaurante  (hes ta-oo ran chee)
service charge – O Serviço  (oh sehr vee soo)
table for two – Mesa Para Duas Pessoas  (may za praa doo-aas peh sow-aas)
tip – Gorjeta  (gohr zhe tah)
water – Água  (ah goo-ah)

And here’s how to say service charge in other languages!

Arabic–Resoom El Khedma  (re soom el ked ma)
Chinese–Fúwù Fèi  (Foo Woo Fay)
Croatian–napojnica  (nah poe neet suh)
Czech–servisní poplatek  (ser viss NEE poe plah tek)
Finnish–palvelumaksu  (pahl veluh mah xu)
French–prix de services  (pree deh ser vees)
German–bedienungsgeld  (beh nee nohn sgelt)
Italian–servizio gratuito  (sur veet' zee oh grah too it toh)
Japanese–Sābisu Ryou  (Saah Biss Ryow)
Korean–Bongsaryo  (Bong Sa Ryo)
Polish–opłata serwisowa  (opua' ta ser vee so va)
Portuguese–O Serviço  (oh sehr vee soo)
Russian–plata za obsluzhivaniye  (plah tah zah ah p sloo zhy vah nee ye)
Spanish–servicio  (sair vee' see oh)
Swahili–huduma ya malipo  (hoo do ma ya ma lee po)
Thai–Kha Borikan  (KAH bo ree gahn)
Turkish–garsoniye  (gar soan yay)
Vietnamese–Phí Dịch Vụ  (Fee Yit Vu)

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