How to say sauteed in French: sautés


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How to say sauteed in French: sautés

Learning French for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say sauteed in French: sautés
Say it out loud: “soot tay

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Some more helpful words in our French Cooking Methods category:

baked – cuit au four  (kwee ah four)
boiled – bouilli  (boo ee)
fried – frit  (fwee)
grilled – grillé  (gree yay)
rare – saignant  (sin yahn)
raw – non cuit  (noh kwee)
sauteed – sautés  (soot tay)
spicy – épicé  (epp ee say)
stewed – cuit  (kwee)
stuffed – farci  (far see)
well done – très bien cuit  (tray bee ahn kwee)

And here’s how to say sauteed in other languages!

Arabic–Soteh  (so the)
Chinese–Chǎo De  (Chao Duh)
Croatian–dodatkom  (doe daht kuhm)
Czech–dušenou  (doo shen oo)
Finnish–paistettu  (pies teht tuh)
French–sautés  (soot tay)
German–kurz gebraten  (kurtz geh brah ten)
Italian–saltati  (saul taut ee)
Japanese–Sotē Shita  (Soh Teeh Shee Tah)
Korean–Gireume Bokkeun  (Gi Reum Eh Bo Kkeun)
Polish–opiekany  (opye ka' nyh)
Portuguese–Salteado  (sahl tay-ah doo)
Russian–slegka obzharennyu  (slye-h kah ah pzhah rye nyu)
Spanish–salteado  (sahl tee ah doe)
Swahili–kaangwa  (kah ah nn gwa)
Thai–Phat  (paht)
Turkish–sote  (soe tay)
Vietnamese–Xào  (Sau)

A lightly cooked meal is one that is "sauteed" (sautés). If this is your preference, then as for a "sauteed" (sautés) meal. Any other preference? Learn the translation through our instant access to the French Language Set.

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