How to say salmon in Japanese: Sāmon


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How to say salmon in Japanese: Sāmon

Learning Japanese for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say salmon in Japanese: Sāmon
Say it out loud: “Saah Mon

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Some more helpful words in our Japanese Seafood category:

crab – Kani  (Kah Nee)
fish – Sakana  (Sah Kah Nah)
lobster – Robusutā  (Ro Boo Soo Taah)
salmon – Sāmon  (Saah Mon)
shellfish – Kai  (Kah Ee)
shrimp – Ebi  (Eh Bee)
tuna – Maguro  (Mah Goo Roo)

And here’s how to say salmon in other languages!

Arabic–Salamon  (sa la mon)
Chinese–Sānwényú  (San Wen Yü)
Croatian–losos  (lo sōs)
Czech–losos  (loe soes)
Finnish–lohi  (loh hih)
French–salmon  (suh moan)
German–lachs  (lox)
Italian–salmone  (sal moan ay)
Japanese–Sāmon  (Saah Mon)
Korean–Yeoneo  (Yeon Uh)
Polish–łosoś  (wo' sosh)
Portuguese–Salmão  (sal mah-oo)
Russian–losos'  (lah sohs)
Spanish–salmón  (sal mōn')
Swahili–samoni  (sah moh ni)
Thai–Plaa Saenmon  (blah sehn mawn)
Turkish–somon  (so mahn)
Vietnamese–Cá Hồi  (Ca Hoy)

While not all your visits will lead you to a seafood loving culture, it does not hurt to learn what they are referred to in the particular language. For example "salmon" (Sāmon) in Japanese, so that you are able to enquire whether they consider that particular delicacy part of their food item.

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