How to say salad in Spanish: ensalada


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How to say salad in Spanish: ensalada

Learning Spanish for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say salad in Spanish: ensalada
Say it out loud: “in suh la' duh

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Some more helpful words in our Spanish Vegetables category:

artichokes – alcachofa  (all kuh chō' fuh)
beans – frijoles  (free hoe' lays)
carrots – zanahorias  (zah nah ho ree' us)
chickpeas – garbanzos  (gar bahn' zohs)
cucumber – pepino  (peh pee' no)
eggplant – berenjena  (bear in hay' nuh)
garlic – ajo  (ah hoe)
lentils – lentejas  (lin tay' hahs)
mushrooms – hongos  (own goes)
olives – aceitunas  (ah see ih too' nuhs)
onions – cebollas  (seh boy' yuhs)
peppers – pimientos  (pee me in' toes)
potato – papas  (pa puhs)
salad – ensalada  (in suh la' duh)
spinach – espinacas  (ess pee nah' kuhs)
tomatoes – tomates  (toe mah tays)

And here’s how to say salad in other languages!

Arabic–Salata  (sa la ta)
Chinese–Shālà  (Sha La)
Croatian–salata  (sah' lah tah)
Czech–salát  (sa laht)
Finnish–salaatti  (sahl aaht tih)
French–salade  (suh lahd)
German–blattsalat  (blaht sal aht)
Italian–insalata  (in suh lot uh)
Japanese–Sarada  (Sah Rah Dah)
Korean–Saelleodeu  (Salad)
Polish–sałatka  (sa wa' ta)
Portuguese–Salada  (sah lah dah)
Russian–salat  (sah laht)
Spanish–ensalada  (in suh la' duh)
Swahili–mboga  (m’ boh gah)
Thai–Salat  (sah laht)
Turkish–salata  (suh lah tah)
Vietnamese–Sà Lách  (Sa Lahk)

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