How to say restaurant in Japanese: Resutoran


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How to say restaurant in Japanese: Resutoran

Learning Japanese for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say restaurant in Japanese: Resutoran
Say it out loud: “Reh Soo Toh Rahn

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Some more helpful words in our Japanese Dining Basics,Primary Nouns category:

airport – Kuukou  (Koo Kow)
bank – Ginkou  (Ging Kow)
bar – Bā  (Baah)
beer / wine – Bīru / Wain  (Bee Roo / Wah In)
beverage – Nomimono  (Noh Mee Moh Noh)
bus – Basu  (Bah Soo)
business hours – Eigyo Jikan  (Sahn Jee Kahn)
car – Kuruma  (Koo Roo Mah)
casual restaurant – Kajuaru Resutoran  (Kah Jew Ah Roo Reh Soo Toh Rahn)
check – Chekku  (Checkoo)
coffee / tea – Kōhī / Koucha  (Kooh Heeh / Kow Cha)
coffeehouse – Kōhī Shoppu  (Kooh Heeh Shopoo)
grocery store – Sūpā  (Soo Pah)
hospital – Byoin  (Byoh In)
hostel – Hosuteru  (Hoss Teh Roo)
hotel – Hoteru  (Hoh Teh Roo)
market – Ichiba  (Ee Chee Bah)
menu – Menū  (Meh Nyuu)
pharmacy – Yakkyoku  (Yah Kkyo Koo)
police – Keisatsu  (Kay Sah Tsu)
post office – Yubinkyoku  (Yubin Kyo Koo)
restaurant – Resutoran  (Reh Soo Toh Rahn)
service charge – Sābisu Ryou  (Saah Biss Ryow)
table for two – Futari Bun No Seki  (Foo Tah Ree Bunn Noh Seh Kee)
taxi – Takushī  (Tah Koo Shee)
tip – Chippu  (Chi' Ppu)
train – Densya  (Denh Syah)
water – Mizu  (Mee Zoo)

And here’s how to say restaurant in other languages!

Arabic–Mat'am  (mat ham)
Chinese–Fànguǎn  (Fan Gwan)
Croatian–restoran  (ress toe rahn)
Czech–restaurace  (rest ow RAH tsay)
Finnish–ravintola  (rah ven toh lah)
French–restaurant  (rest oo rahn)
German–restaurant  (res tehr ahn)
Italian–ristorante  (rees toh rahn tay)
Japanese–Resutoran  (Reh Soo Toh Rahn)
Korean–Sikdang  (Shik Dang)
Polish–restauracja  (re sta wra' tzya)
Portuguese–Restaurante  (hes ta-oo ran chee)
Russian–restoran  (rye stah rahn)
Spanish–restaurante  (rest uh rahn tay)
Swahili–mkahawa  (mm kah hah wah)
Thai–Ran Ahan  (raan aa haan)
Turkish–restoran  (res toe rahn)
Vietnamese–Nhà Hàng  (Nyah Hang)

When you see the sign "restaurant" (Resutoran), you know you have just found food. But what food do you want to order when you get into the "restaurant" (Resutoran)? There will be plenty to order from the menu, but you will not know what all of it is, until you learn what the food is in Japanese, which you can easily learn through our instant access to the Japanese Language Set.


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