How to say restaurant in Chinese: Fànguǎn


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How to say restaurant in Chinese: Fànguǎn

Learning Chinese for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say restaurant in Chinese: Fànguǎn
Say it out loud: “Fan Gwan

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Some more helpful words in our Chinese Dining Basics,Primary Nouns category:

airport – Jīchǎng  (Jee Chang)
bank – Yínháng  (Een Hang)
bar – Jiǔbā  (Jyo Ba)
beer / wine – Píjiǔ / Pútáojiǔ  (Pee Jyo / Poo Tao Jyo)
beverage – Yǐnliào  (Een Lyao)
bus – Gōng Jiāo Chē  (Gong Jyao Chuh)
business hours – Yíngyè Shíjiān  (Ing Yay Shr Jyen)
car – Qìchē  (Chee Chuh)
casual restaurant – Fànguǎn  (Fan Gwan)
check – Mǎi Dān  (Mai Dan)
coffee / tea – Kāfēi /Chá  (Ka Fay / Cha)
coffeehouse – Kāfēi Tīng  (Ka Fay Ting)
grocery store – Chāoshì  (Chao Shr)
hospital – Yīyuàn  (Ee Yuwen)
hostel – Qīngnián Lǚshè  (Ching Nyan Lü Shr)
hotel – Bīnguǎn  (Bin Gwan)
long-distance bus – Bāshì  (Ba Shr)
marketplace – Shìchǎng  (Shr Chang)
menu – Càidān  (Tsai Dan)
pharmacy – Yàodiàn  (Yao Dyen)
police – Jǐngchá  (Jing Cha)
post office – Yóujú  (Yo Jü)
service charge – Fúwù Fèi  (Foo Woo Fay)
table for two – Liǎng Wèi  (Lyang Way)
taxi – Chūzū Chē  (Choo Zoo Chuh)
tip – Xiǎofèi  (Shyao Fay)
train – Huǒchē  (Hwo Chuh)
water – Shuǐ  (Shway)

And here’s how to say restaurant in other languages!

Arabic–Mat'am  (mat ham)
Chinese–Fànguǎn  (Fan Gwan)
Croatian–restoran  (ress toe rahn)
Czech–restaurace  (rest ow RAH tsay)
Finnish–ravintola  (rah ven toh lah)
French–restaurant  (rest oo rahn)
German–restaurant  (res tehr ahn)
Italian–ristorante  (rees toh rahn tay)
Japanese–Resutoran  (Reh Soo Toh Rahn)
Korean–Sikdang  (Shik Dang)
Polish–restauracja  (re sta wra' tzya)
Portuguese–Restaurante  (hes ta-oo ran chee)
Russian–restoran  (rye stah rahn)
Spanish–restaurante  (rest uh rahn tay)
Swahili–mkahawa  (mm kah hah wah)
Thai–Ran Ahan  (raan aa haan)
Turkish–restoran  (res toe rahn)
Vietnamese–Nhà Hàng  (Nyah Hang)

When you see the sign "restaurant" (Fànguǎn), you know you have just found food. But what food do you want to order when you get into the "restaurant" (Fànguǎn)? There will be plenty to order from the menu, but you will not know what all of it is, until you learn what the food is in Chinese, which you can easily learn through our instant access to the Chinese Language Set.


Fred Bane
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Website : Ameson Education and Culture Exchange Foundation

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