How to say raw in Czech: syrový


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How to say raw in Czech: syrový

Learning Czech for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say raw in Czech: syrový
Say it out loud: “seer oo vee

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Some more helpful words in our Czech Cooking Methods category:

baked – pečený  (peh chen ee)
boiled – vařený  (vah zhen ee)
fried – smažený  (smah zhen ee)
grilled – grilovaný  (greel o vahn ee)
rare – krvavý  (krr vah vee)
raw – syrový  (seer oo vee)
roasted – pražený  (prah zhen ee)
sauteed – dušenou  (doo shen oo)
spicy – pikantní  (pee kahnt nee)
stewed – dušený  (doo shen ee)
stuffed – nadívaný  (nah dee vah nee)
well done – propečený  (pro petch eh nee)

And here’s how to say raw in other languages!

Arabic–Kham  (kam)
Chinese–Shēng De  (Shuhng Duh)
Croatian–prijesan  (pree yay sahn)
Czech–syrový  (seer oo vee)
Finnish–raaka  (raah kah)
French–non cuit  (noh kwee)
German–roh  (roH)
Italian–crudo  (crew doh)
Japanese–Nama  (Nah Mah)
Korean–Ikhiji Anheun  (Eek Ki Ji Ah Neun)
Polish–surowy  (soo ro' vyh)
Portuguese–Cru  (kroo)
Russian–syroy  (sy roy)
Spanish–crudo  (croo doe)
Swahili–mbichi  (mm bee chee)
Thai–Dip  (deep)
Turkish–çiğ  (chih)
Vietnamese–Sống (Không Nấu)  (Som (Khom Nao))

When it comes to healthy eating, "raw" (syrový) vegetables ensures that you 'milk' all the nutrition you can get from the vegetables. For more phrases on healthy eating, get instant access to the Czech Language Set.


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