How to say post office in Thai: Praisani


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How to say post office in Thai: Praisani

Learning Thai for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say post office in Thai: Praisani
Say it out loud: “brai sah nee

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Some more helpful words in our Thai Primary Nouns category:

airport – Sanam Bin  (sah nahm been)
bank – Thanakhan  (tah nah kahn)
bar – Ba  (bah)
bus – Rot Me  (roht may)
car – Rot  (roht)
coffeehouse – Ran Kafae  (rahn gah feh)
hospital – Rong Phayaban  (rohng pai ya bahn)
hostel – Hot Then  (hoht ten)
hotel – Rong Raem  (rohng rehm)
market – Talat  (da laat)
pharmacy – Ran Khaiya  (rahn kai yah)
police – Tamruat  (tam ROO-aht)
post office – Praisani  (brai sah nee)
restaurant – Ran Ahan  (raan aa haan)
taxi – Thaeksi  (tek see)
train – Rot Fai  (roht fai)

And here’s how to say post office in other languages!

Arabic–Maktab Bareed  (mak tab ba reed)
Chinese–Yóujú  (Yo Jü)
Croatian–posta  (poash tuh)
Czech–poštu  (poe shtu)
Finnish–posti  (poh stih)
French–Bureau de Poste  (bureau day post)
German–die post  (dee post)
Italian–ufficio postale  (oo fee choe pohs tah lay)
Japanese–Yubinkyoku  (Yubin Kyo Koo)
Korean–Ucheguk  (Woo Che Gook)
Polish–poczta  (potch ta)
Portuguese–Correios  (koh hay-oos)
Russian–pochta  (poh chtah)
Spanish–correos  (core ay' ōhs)
Swahili–posta  (pos tah)
Thai–Praisani  (brai sah nee)
Turkish–postaneye  (post ahn yay)
Vietnamese–Bưu Điện  (Boo Dien)

Nearly every major town in the world boasts a "post office" (Praisani). A central place where you can find a lot of information, as well as send that famous post card, to tell your loved ones back at home what a swell time you are having in your travel adventures.

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