How to say organic in Chinese: Yǒujī


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How to say organic in Chinese: Yǒujī

Learning Chinese for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say organic in Chinese: Yǒujī
Say it out loud: “Yo Jee

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Some more helpful words in our Chinese Diet Considerations category:

bread – Miànbāo  (Myen Bao)
celiac – Fùqiāng Bìng Huànzhě  (Foo Chyang Bing Hwan Juh)
cheese – Nǎilào  (Nai Lao)
dairy – Rǔ Pǐn  (Roo Pin)
eggs – Dàn  (Dan)
gluten-free – Wú Mài Fū  (Woo Mai Foo)
I am vegan – Yángé Sùshí Zhě  (Yen Guh Su’ Shr Juh)
I am vegetarian – Wǒ Chīsù  (Wo Chr Soo)
I don't eat… – Wǒ Bù Chī…  (Wo Boo Chr…)
kosher – Qīngjié Kě Shí  (Ching Jiye Kuh Shr)
meat – Ròu  (Rou)
milk – Niúnǎi  (Nyou Nai)
nuts – Jiān Guǒ  (Jyen Gwo)
organic – Yǒujī  (Yo Jee)
sugar – Táng  (Tang)
wheat – Xiǎomài  (Shyao Mai)

And here’s how to say organic in other languages!

Arabic–Odwy  (od we)
Chinese–Yǒujī  (Yo Jee)
Croatian–organski  (or gahn skee)
Czech–organický  (or gan its kee)
Finnish–luomu  (luh oh mu)
French–bio  (byoh)
German–biologisch  (bee oh loh gish)
Italian–organico  (organ ee' koh)
Japanese–Ōganikku  (Ooh Gah Nick)
Korean–Yuginong  (Yoo Gi Nong)
Polish–organiczny  (or gah neetch' nyh)
Portuguese–Orgânico/a  (ohr gaan ee koo/ah)
Russian–oranicheskaia eda  (ahr gah nee che skah ay da)
Spanish–orgánico  (or gah' nee koe)
Swahili–iliyokuzwa  (ee lee yoh kuh zwa)
Thai–Ahan Insi  (ah-hahn in-see)
Turkish–organik  (or gahn ik')
Vietnamese–Hữu Cơ  (Hoo Guh)

In today's world, "organic" (Yǒujī) foods is the way to go, if you are conscious of what you put in your body. No harmful chemicals and pesticides go into "organic" (Yǒujī) foods. What else is your preference? Learn about it in Chinese. Get instant access to the Chinese Language Set.


Fred Bane
Biography: Fred Bane is a media producer and translator living in Nanjing China. Since graduating with a BA in International Relations from American University in 2007, Fred has lived in Vietnam and then China, where he received a Masters in Ethnography from Nanjing University in 2012. Fred currently works for a non-profit organization involved in education and cultural exchange, and moonlights as a Chinese-English medical translator.
Born: Portland, Oregon, USA
Location: Nanjing, China
Website : Ameson Education and Culture Exchange Foundation

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