How to say one hour in Finnish: (yksi) tunti


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How to say one hour in Finnish: (yksi) tunti

Learning Finnish for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say one hour in Finnish: (yksi) tunti
Say it out loud: “ixi tuhn tih

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Some more helpful words in our Finnish Time category:

business hours – aukioloajat  (ow kih oh loh ayat)
day after tomorrow – ylihuomenna  (ilih hu oh men nah)
days – päivää  (pie vaah)
last night – viime yönä  (vee meh ih oh nah)
later – myöhemmin  (mioh hem min)
minutes – minuuttia  (mi noot tia)
months – kuukautta  (coo cowt tah)
next time – ensi kerralla  (en sih kehr rahl lah)
one hour – (yksi) tunti  (ixi tuhn tih)
this evening – tänä iltana  (ta nah ill ta nah)
this morning – tänä aamuna  (ta nah aah mu nah)
today – tänään  (tan aan)
tomorrow – huomenna  (hu oh men nah)
two hours – kaksi tuntia  (kaxih tuhn tia)
weeks – viikkoa  (veeck koh ah)
when? – koska?  (cohs kah?)
years – vuotta  (voo ottah)
you got the time? – Paljonko kello on?  (Pahl yon coh kehl loh on?)

And here’s how to say one hour in other languages!

Arabic–Sa'a Waheda  (sa ha wa he da)
Chinese–Yī Gè Xiǎoshí  (Ee Guh Shyao Shr)
Croatian–jedan sat  (yay dahn saht)
Czech–jedna hodina  (yehd nah hoe deena)
Finnish–(yksi) tunti  (ixi tuhn tih)
French–Une heures  (un ayeh)
German–eine stunde  (īn uh shtoon duh)
Italian–Uno ora  (oo no ora)
Japanese–Ichi Jikan  (Ee Chee Jee Kahn)
Korean–Han Sigan  (Han Shi Gan)
Polish–godzina  (goh jee' na)
Portuguese–Uma Hora  (oo mah oh rah)
Russian–odin chas  (ah deen chahs)
Spanish–una hora  (oo nuh or uh)
Swahili–lisaa limoja  (lee sah lee mo jah)
Thai–Nueng Chua Mong  (noong CHOO-ah mong)
Turkish–bir saat  (beer saht)
Vietnamese–Một Giờ  (Mot Yuh)

'I'll be there in "one hour" ((yksi) tunti). Or give me "one hour" ((yksi) tunti). Our favorite, almost default time when we are making an appointment. Doesn't it sound even better when said in Finnish? What about other 'timely' phrases? Get them from the instant access to the Finnish Language Set.


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