How to say nuts in German: nüsse


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How to say nuts in German: nüsse

Learning German for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say nuts in German: nüsse
Say it out loud: “noo seh

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Some more helpful words in our German Diet Considerations category:

bread – brot  (broht)
celiac – zöliakie  (zoo lee ah kee)
cheese – käse  (kay zeh)
dairy – molkerei  (moll ker ī)
eggs – eier  (ī uh)
gluten-free – gluten frei  (gloo ten fry)
I am vegan – ich bin vegan  (iHk bin veh gahn ah)
I am vegetarian – ich bin vegetarier  (iHk bin veh geht ah ree ah)
I don't eat… – ich esse kein…  (iHk ess in kīyn)
kosher – koscher  (kosher)
meat – fleisch  (fly sh)
milk – milch  (meelsh)
nuts – nüsse  (noo seh)
organic – biologisch  (bee oh loh gish)
sugar – zucker  (soo kur)
wheat – weizen  (vyt zen)

And here’s how to say nuts in other languages!

Arabic–Gooz  (gooz)
Chinese–Jiān Guǒ  (Jyen Gwo)
Croatian–matice  (mah teet say)
Czech–ořechy  (oo zreh khee)
Finnish–pähkinä  (pahh kih na)
French–noix  (no ah)
German–nüsse  (noo seh)
Italian–noci  (no chay)
Japanese–Nattsu  (Nah Ttsu)
Korean–Gyeongwaryu  (Gyun Gwa Ryoo)
Polish–orzechy  (oze' hyh)
Portuguese–Nozes  (no zehs)
Russian–orehi  (ah rye hee)
Spanish–nueces  (noo ay sehs)
Swahili–njugu  (nn joo goo)
Thai–Thua  (TOO-ah)
Turkish–fıstığı  (fist uh')
Vietnamese–Đậu  (Dow)

For quite a number of people "nuts" (nüsse) are allergens. That's why it is important to know what "nuts" (nüsse) are called in German, together with other phrases that will enable you inform a waiter at a restaurant or your host of your allergy. For other useful phrases get instant access to the German Language Set.


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