How to say no ice in Turkish: hayır buz


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How to say no ice in Turkish: hayır buz

Learning Turkish for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say no ice in Turkish: hayır buz
Say it out loud: “hi year boos

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Some more helpful words in our Turkish Drinks category:

...a glass of – bir kadeh  (beer kah day')
...a liter of – bir liter  (beer lee tray) – bira  (beer uh) wine – kırmızı / beyaz şarap  (kur muz uh / bay az shah rahp)
bottled water – şişe su  (she shay suh)
carbonated water – maden suyu  (mah dan' suh yuh)
coffee / tea – kahve / çay  (ka huh vay / chai)
hot water – sıcak su  (soo jok' suh)
no ice – hayır buz  (hi year boos)
water – su  (suh)
… a bottle of – bir şişe  (beer she shay)
….house wine – evi şarap  (ee vee shah rahp)

And here’s how to say no ice in other languages!

Arabic–La Galeed  (la ga leed)
Chinese–Búyào Bīng  (Boo Yao Bing)
Croatian–bez leda  (bez lay dah)
Czech–bez ledu  (bez leh doo)
Finnish–ei jäitä  (ay yai tah)
French–pas de glace  (pah doo glass)
German–kein eis  (kine ice)
Italian–senza ghiaccio  (sen zuh gee ah koh)
Japanese–Koori Nashi  (Kow Ree Nah Shee)
Korean–Eoreum Eopsi  (Uh Reum Up Shi)
Polish–bez lodu  (bez lo' doo)
Portuguese–Sem Gelo  (sehm zheh loo)
Russian–bez l'da  (bye zohl dah)
Spanish–sin hielo  (seen yay' lo)
Swahili–bila barafu  (bee lah bah rah foo)
Thai–Mai Ao Nam Khaeng  (MAI ao nahm keng)
Turkish–hayır buz  (hi year boos)
Vietnamese–Không Đá  (Khom Da)

Ice or "no ice" (hayır buz) with your drink? In cold climates, you will not want "no ice" (hayır buz), and the opposite is true for hot climates. Now that you know how to say it in Turkish, get instant access to the Turkish Language Set for more phrases and enjoy a night out.

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