How to say more / plus in Spanish: más


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How to say more / plus in Spanish: más

Learning Spanish for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say more / plus in Spanish: más
Say it out loud: “mahs

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Some more helpful words in our Spanish Size/Amount category:

enough – suficiente  (sue fish ee in' tay)
extra large – extra grande  (extra grahn day)
large – grande  (grahn day)
less – menos  (may nōs)
medium – mediano  (med ee ah no)
more / plus – más  (mahs)
small – pequeño  (pay kain yo)

And here’s how to say more / plus in other languages!

Arabic–Akthar / Za'ed  (ak thar / za hed)
Chinese–Duō Yīdiǎn / Jiā  (Dwo Ee Dyan / Jya)
Croatian–više / plus  (vee shay / ploos)
Czech–více / plus  (veet seh / ploose)
Finnish–lisää / plus  (lis aah / plu s)
French–Plus  (ploo)
German–mehr  (mair)
Italian–più  (pyoo)
Japanese–Motto / Sara Ni  (Moh Ttoh / Sah Rah Nee)
Korean–Deo / Chuga  (Duh / Choo Gah)
Polish–większy / więcej  (vyen' kshyh / vyen' tzey)
Portuguese–Mais  (ma-ees)
Russian–bol'she  (bohl sheh)
Spanish–más  (mahs)
Swahili–zaidi  (za ee' dee)
Thai–Phiset  (pee set)
Turkish–daha  (dah ha)
Vietnamese–Hơn / Thêm  (Hun / Tem)

For coffee or food lovers, you will always want second or even third servings. That is why "more / plus" (más) should be among your easy-to-recall phrases in Spanish, plus other simple ones, which you can learn by getting instant access to the Spanish Language Set.

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