How to say milk in Vietnamese: Sữa


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How to say milk in Vietnamese: Sữa

Learning Vietnamese for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say milk in Vietnamese: Sữa
Say it out loud: “Suu-Uh

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Some more helpful words in our Vietnamese Diet Considerations category:

bread – Bánh Mì  (Ban Mee)
celiac – Dị Ứng Tinh Bột  (Yee Ung Din Bot)
cheese – Phô Mai  (Fo Mai)
dairy – Sản Phẩm Có Sữa  (San Fam Caw Suu-Uh)
eggs – Trứng  (Drung)
gluten-free – Không Tinh Bột  (Khom Tin Bot)
I am vegan – Tôi Ăn Chay  (Toy An Chai)
I don't eat… – Tôi Không Ăn…  (Toy Khom An…)
kosher – Chế Độ Ăn Uống Phù Hợp  (Che Doo An Uu-Uhng Fuu Huhp)
meat – Thịt  (Tit)
milk – Sữa  (Suu-Uh)
nuts – Đậu  (Dow)
organic – Hữu Cơ  (Hoo Guh)
sugar – Đường  (Duu-Uhng)
wheat – Mì  (Mee)

And here’s how to say milk in other languages!

Arabic–Haleeb  (ha leeb)
Chinese–Niúnǎi  (Nyou Nai)
Croatian–mlijeko  (mlee yay koh)
Czech–mleko  (mle ko)
Finnish–maito  (my toh)
French–lait  (lay)
German–milch  (meelsh)
Italian–latte  (lah tay)
Japanese–Gyuunyuu  (Gyoo Nyoo)
Korean–Uyu  (Ooh Yoo)
Polish–mleko  (mle' ko)
Portuguese–Leite  (lay chee)
Russian–moloko  (mah lah koh)
Spanish–leche  (lay chay)
Swahili–maziwa  (mah zee wah)
Thai–Nom  (nohm)
Turkish–süt  (soot)
Vietnamese–Sữa  (Suu-Uh)

Would you like "milk" (Sữa) or cream in your coffee or tea? What else would you like to enhance a cup of your favorite beverage? Learn all about them through our instant access to the Vietnamese Language Set.


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