How to say menu in Polish: karta


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How to say menu in Polish: karta

Learning Polish for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say menu in Polish: karta
Say it out loud: “kar' ta

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Some more helpful words in our Polish Dining Basics category:

beer / wine – piwo / wino  (pee' vo/ vee' no)
beverage – napój  (na' pooy)
business hours – godziny pracy  (go jee' nee pra' tzee)
casual restaurant – restauracja  (re sta wra' tzya)
check – rachunek  (ra hoo' neck)
coffee / tea – kawa / herbata  (kha' va / her ba' ta)
grocery store – sklep spożywczy  (sklehp spo zee fchy)
marketplace – targ  (targ)
menu – karta  (kar' ta)
service charge – opłata serwisowa  (opua' ta ser vee so va)
table for two – stolik dla dwojga  (sto' leek dla dvoy'ga)
tip – napiwek  (na pee' veck)
water – woda  (vo da)

And here’s how to say menu in other languages!

Arabic–Qa'emat Ta'am  (ka emat ta ham)
Chinese–Càidān  (Tsai Dan)
Croatian–meni  (mih nee)
Czech–menu  (menu)
Finnish–ruokalista  (ruh oh kah list ah)
French–menu  (menu)
German–menü  (mih noo)
Italian–menu  (men oo)
Japanese–Menū  (Meh Nyuu)
Korean–Menyu  (Menu)
Polish–karta  (kar' ta)
Portuguese–Cardápio  (kah daa pee-oo)
Russian–menyu  (mye nyu)
Spanish–la carta  (la car tuh)
Swahili–menu  (may noo)
Thai–Menu  (may noo)
Turkish–menü  (men oo)
Vietnamese–Thực Đơn  (Tuck Dun)

Can I please have the "menu" (karta)? That is one important phrase when dining in the Polish culture. Thereafter you will want to know the name of basic and traditional dishes in Polish, which you can learn by getting instant access to the Polish Language Set.


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