How to say meat in Swahili: nyama


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How to say meat in Swahili: nyama

Learning Swahili for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say meat in Swahili: nyama
Say it out loud: “nyah mah

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Some more helpful words in our Swahili Diet Considerations category:

bread – mkate  (mm kah the)
celiac – shida ya tumbo  (She dah yah too m’boh)
cheese – jibini  (jee bee nee)
dairy – maziwa  (mah zee wah)
eggs – mayai  (mah yah ee)
gluten-free – isiyo na gluteni  (ee see yoh nah gloo teh nee)
I am vegan – sili nyama  (mm lah mm boh gah)
I don't eat… – sili  (see lee)
kosher – kosha  (koh shah)
meat – nyama  (nyah mah)
nuts – njugu  (nn joo goo)
organic – iliyokuzwa  (ee lee yoh kuh zwa)
sugar – sukari  (soo kah ree)
wheat – ngano  (nn gah noh)

And here’s how to say meat in other languages!

Arabic–Lahm  (lahm)
Chinese–Ròu  (Rou)
Croatian–meso  (meh zo)
Czech–maslo  (mah sloh)
Finnish–liha  (lih ha)
French–viande  (vee ahnd)
German–fleisch  (fly sh)
Italian–carne  (car nay)
Japanese–Niku  (Nee Kuu)
Korean–Gogi  (Go Gi)
Polish–mięso  (myeah' so)
Portuguese–Carne  (kah nee)
Russian–myaso  (mya soh)
Spanish–carne  (car nay)
Swahili–nyama  (nyah mah)
Thai–Nuea  (noo-ah)
Turkish–eti  (et eh)
Vietnamese–Thịt  (Tit)

Sometimes your host will not automatically know if you are a vegetarian or you prefer "meat" (nyama) and what kind. There are many more dietary considerations when you are making your food choice, which you can learn about by getting instant access to the Swahili Language Set and have fun exploring the different kinds of "meat" (nyama).


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