How to say marketplace in Croatian: tržnica


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How to say marketplace in Croatian: tržnica

Learning Croatian for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say marketplace in Croatian: tržnica
Say it out loud: “turj neet zah

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Some more helpful words in our Croatian Dining Basics category:

beer / wine – pivo / vino  (pee voh / vee no)
beverage – piće  (pee chay)
business hours – radno vrijeme  (rahd no vree im ay)
casual restaurant – konoba  (koe no bah)
check – račun  (rah shoon)
coffee / tea – kava / čaj  (kah vuh / chai)
grocery store – mješovita roba  (me yay sho vee tah ro bah)
marketplace – tržnica  (turj neet zah)
menu – meni  (mih nee)
restaurant – restoran  (ress toe rahn)
service charge – napojnica  (nah poe neet suh)
table for two – stol za dvoje  (stoll zaht voh yay)
water – voda  (vō duh)

And here’s how to say marketplace in other languages!

Arabic–Souq  (souk)
Chinese–Shìchǎng  (Shr Chang)
Croatian–tržnica  (turj neet zah)
Czech–trh  (trkh)
Finnish–tori  (toh rih)
French–marché  (mar shay)
German–markt  (markt)
Italian–mercato  (mehr cah toe)
Japanese–Ichiba  (Ee Chee Bah)
Korean–Sijang  (Shi Jang)
Polish–targ  (targ)
Portuguese–Mercado  (mehr kah doo)
Russian–rynok  (ry nak)
Spanish–mercado  (mair kah' doe)
Swahili–soko  (soh koh)
Thai–Talat  (da laat)
Turkish–pazar  (pah zahr)
Vietnamese–Chợ  (Chuh)

In your travels, you may prefer to rent your own cottage where you will have to do the cooking. With cooking, comes the need to buy fresh produce at the "marketplace" (tržnica) and that is why you will need instant access to the Croatian Language Set so that you can quickly learn other phrases to use when visiting the "marketplace" (tržnica).

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