How to say lentils in Croatian: leća


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How to say lentils in Croatian: leća

Learning Croatian for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say lentils in Croatian: leća
Say it out loud: “let chah

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Some more helpful words in our Croatian Vegetables category:

artichokes – artičoke  (art ee choke ay)
beans – grah  (graH)
carrots – mrkva  (mirk vay)
chickpeas – slanutak  (slah noo tahk)
cucumber – krastavac  (krah stah vahts)
eggplant – patlidžan  (pot lee jahn)
garlic – češnjak  (chesh nee yahk)
lentils – leća  (let chah)
mushrooms – gljive  (glee vay)
olives – masline  (mah slee nay)
onions – luk  (look)
peppers – paprike  (pah pree kuh)
potato – krumpir  (kroom peer)
salad – salata  (sah' lah tah)
spinach – špinat  (shpee naht)
tomatoes – rajčice  (rye chee say)

And here’s how to say lentils in other languages!

Arabic–Ads  (ads)
Chinese–Xiǎo Biǎndòu  (Shyao Byen Dou)
Croatian–leća  (let chah)
Czech–čočka  (choch kah)
Finnish–linssi  (lins sih)
French–lentilles  (lawn teelh)
German–linsen  (lin zen)
Italian–lenticchie  (lent ee kyeh)
Japanese–Hira Mame  (Hee Rah Mah Meh)
Korean–Renjeu Kong  (Len Zu Kong)
Polish–soczewica  (so tche vee' tza)
Portuguese–Lentilha  (lehn cheel yah)
Russian–chechevitsa  (che chee vee tsah)
Spanish–lentejas  (lin tay' hahs)
Swahili–ndengu  (n’ deh n’goo)
Thai–Lentin  (lehn teen)
Turkish–mercimek  (mare' jee mek)
Vietnamese–Đậu Lăng  (Dow Lang)

Among the most nutritious vegetables are "lentils" (leća). They can be had on their own as a snack or a side-dish. There are many more vegetables and you can learn all about them by getting instant access to the Croatian Language Set.

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