How to say left in Portuguese: À Esquerda


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How to say left in Portuguese: À Esquerda

Learning Portuguese for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say left in Portuguese: À Esquerda
Say it out loud: “ah es kehr dah

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Some more helpful words in our Portuguese Directions category:

left – À Esquerda  (ah es kehr dah)
near to – Perto De  (pehr too jee)
next to – À Lado De  (ah lah doo jee)
right – À Direita  (ah jee ray tah)
straight ahead – Bem Em Frente  (behm ehm frayn chee)

And here’s how to say left in other languages!

Arabic–Al Shamal  (al sha mal)
Chinese–Zuǒ  (Dzwo)
Croatian–lijevo  (lee yay voh)
Czech–vlevo  (vlay voe)
Finnish–vasen  (vah cen)
French–à gauche  (ah goash)
German–links  (links)
Italian–a sinistra  (ah sin eest rah)
Japanese–Hidari  (Hee Dah Ree)
Korean–Oenjjok  (Oen Jjok)
Polish–lewo  (leh' voh)
Portuguese–À Esquerda  (ah es kehr dah)
Russian–levo  (lye vah)
Spanish–izquierda  (is kee air duh)
Swahili–kushoto  (koo shoh toh)
Thai–Sai  (sai)
Turkish–sol taraf  (sole tah rahf)
Vietnamese–Trái  (Trai)

Turn "left" (À Esquerda). One of the basic directions that is helpful in Portuguese. Other directions can be accessed through our instant access to the Portuguese Language Set.


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