How to say lamb in Czech: jehněčí


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How to say lamb in Czech: jehněčí

Learning Czech for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say lamb in Czech: jehněčí
Say it out loud: “yah nyeh chee

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Some more helpful words in our Czech Meats category:

beef – hovězí  (ho vyeh zee)
chicken – kuřecí  (koor zeh tse)
duck – kachna  (kahk nah)
goat – koza  (koe zah)
ham – šunka  (shoon kah)
lamb – jehněčí  (yah nyeh chee)
mutton – skopové  (sko po vay mah so)
pork – vepřové  (veh psroh vay)
rabbit – králík  (krah leek)
steak – steak  (steak)
veal – telecí  (tehl et see)
venison – srnčí  (srrn chee)

And here’s how to say lamb in other languages!

Arabic–Kharoof  (ka roof)
Chinese–Gāoyáng Ròu  (Gao Yang Row)
Croatian–janjetina  (yawn yeh tee nuh)
Czech–jehněčí  (yah nyeh chee)
Finnish–lammas  (lahm mahs)
French–agneau  (ahn yoo)
German–lamm  (lamm)
Italian–agnello  (ahn yea low)
Japanese–Ramu  (Rah Moo)
Korean–Yanggogi  (Yang Go Gi)
Polish–jagnięcina  (ya gnye tzi' na)
Portuguese–Cordeiro  (kohr day roo)
Russian–yagnyonok  (yah gnyo nahk)
Spanish–cordero  (kor dair oh)
Swahili–kondoo  (koh n’ doh)
Thai–Nuea Luk Kae  (noo-ah LOOK geh)
Turkish–kuzu eti  (koo zoo eh tay)
Vietnamese–Cừu  (Guu)

Leg of "lamb" (jehněčí). Or any other favorite meat part of your choice. All these you can learn using our access to the Czech Language Set.


Chris Buginas
Biography: Chris Buginas is a property developer and part time English Lecturer living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Since graduating with a BS in English from Deaconess College in 1998, Chris has lived in the Czech Republic, where he studied Czech Language and Czech Film History at Charles University, and then Busan, South Korea before settling in Vietnam. Chris currently spends his time renovating French Colonial properties in downtown Saigon which are rented to holidaymakers seeking a unique place to stay, scouring the city for unique antique furniture finds, and teaching IELTS and TOEIC test prep classes to Vietnamese university students.
Born: Santa Clara, CA. USA
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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