How to say I am vegetarian in Polish: Jestem wegetarianinem


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How to say I am vegetarian in Polish: Jestem wegetarianinem

Learning Polish for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say I am vegetarian in Polish: Jestem wegetarianinem
Say it out loud: “Yeah stem veh ghe ta rya nee' nem

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Some more helpful words in our Polish Diet Considerations category:

bread – chleb  (hleb)
cheese – ser  (sir)
coeliac – celiakia  (tze lya' kiah)
dairy – mleczny  (mletch' nyh)
eggs – jajka  (yay' kha)
gluten-free – bezglutenowy  (bes glue teh no' vyh)
I am vegan – Jestem weganen  (Yeah stem veh gha nem)
I am vegetarian – Jestem wegetarianinem  (Yeah stem veh ghe ta rya nee' nem)
I don't eat… – Nie jem  (Nyeah yem)
kosher – koszerny  (koh sher nyh)
meat – mięso  (myeah' so)
milk – mleko  (mle' ko)
nuts – orzechy  (oze' hyh)
organic – organiczny  (or gah neetch' nyh)
sugar – cukier  (tzoo' qyer)
wheat – zboże  (zbo' zheh)

And here’s how to say I am vegetarian in other languages!

Arabic–Ana Nabati  (ana na ba ti)
Chinese–Wǒ Chīsù  (Wo Chr Soo)
Croatian–ne jedem meso  (nay yay dem meh so)
Czech–Jsem vegetarián  (sem veg eh tar ee ahn)
Finnish–olen kasvissyöjä  (oh len kahs viss suo yah)
French–je suis végétarien  (jhuh soo vee jhuh tear ee in)
German–ich bin vegetarier  (iHk bin veh geht ah ree ah)
Italian–sono vegetariano/a  (veh juh tear ee ah no)
Japanese–Watashi Ha Bejitarian Desu  (Wah Tah Shee Wah Beh Jee Tah Rian Dess)
Korean–Jeoneun Chaesikjuuijaipnida.  (Juh Neun Chae Shik Joo Ee Ja Im Ni Da.)
Polish–Jestem wegetarianinem  (Yeah stem veh ghe ta rya nee' nem)
Portuguese–Eu Sou Vegetariano/a  (e-oo sow ve geh tar ee-ah noo/ah)
Russian–Ya vegetarianets / vegetarianka  (Ya vye gye tah ree ah nyets / vye gye tah ree hn ka)
Spanish–soy vegetariano  (soy vej eh tair ee ahn oh)
Swahili–sili nyama  (mm lah mm boh gah)
Thai–Pen Je  (ben jay)
Turkish–ben vejeteryanım  (ben vej eh tare ee ahn um)
Vietnamese–Tôi Ăn Chay  (Toy An Chai)

Being in a foreign culture does not mean that you have to forego your rules and preferences as far as eating is concerned. You can say "I am vegetarian" (Jestem wegetarianinem) in Polish with confidence, knowing that your dietary preferences will be respected. Get instant access to the Polish Language Set and enjoy your dining experience!


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