How to say How are you? in Czech: jak se máte


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How to say How are you? in Czech: jak se máte

Learning Czech for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say How are you? in Czech: jak se máte
Say it out loud: “yahk say MAH tay

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Some more helpful words in our Czech Greetings category:

Fine, thank you – Dobry, děkuji  (doe bree, DYA kwee)
Good Afternoon – Dobrý den  (doe BREE den)
Good Evening – Dobrý večer  (doe bree VEH chair)
Good Morning – Dobré ráno  (doe bray RAH no)
Good Night – Dobrou noc  (doe BRO notes)
Goodbye – Na shledanou  (nah sklah DAH no)
Hello – Ahoy  (UH hoy)
How are you? – jak se máte  (yahk say MAH tay)
Pleased to meet you – Těší mne  (TYEH sheh myay)

And here’s how to say How are you? in other languages!

Arabic–Wa ‘anta kayf al-Haal  (wa an ta ka yef al haal)
Chinese–Nǐhǎo Ma?  (Nee Hao Ma?)
Croatian–kako ste  (kah koe steh)
Czech–jak se máte  (yahk say MAH tay)
Finnish–Kuinka voit(te)?  (kuin kah voit teh)
French–Comment allez-vous?  (comen talley voo)
German–wie geht es dir  (vee geet ess dear)
Italian–come sta?  (koh meh stah)
Japanese–Ogenki Desuka?  (Oh Gen Kee Dess Kah?)
Korean–Eotteohge Jinaeseyo?  (Uh Ddo Ke Jee Nae Se Yo?)
Polish–Jak się masz?  (Yak sheh ma'sh)
Portuguese–Tudo Bom?  (too doo bohm?)
Russian–Kak dela?  (Kak dee lah?)
Spanish–¿cómo estás?  (coe moe eh stahs?)
Swahili–u hali gani  (oo ha lee gah nee)
Thai–Sabai Di Mai  (sa bai dee mai?)
Turkish–nasılsınız?  (nah silz uh nuss)
Vietnamese–Bạn Khỏe Không?  (Ban Hwey-Uh Khom?)

It's customary and polite to know the well being of other people, especially when you find yourself spending more time with them. ""How are you?" (jak se máte)? Sleep well?" You can use this phrase in the morning during breakfast to know your friends well-being, did he sleep well or not? Get instant access to the Czech Language Set.


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Biography: Chris Buginas is a property developer and part time English Lecturer living in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Since graduating with a BS in English from Deaconess College in 1998, Chris has lived in the Czech Republic, where he studied Czech Language and Czech Film History at Charles University, and then Busan, South Korea before settling in Vietnam. Chris currently spends his time renovating French Colonial properties in downtown Saigon which are rented to holidaymakers seeking a unique place to stay, scouring the city for unique antique furniture finds, and teaching IELTS and TOEIC test prep classes to Vietnamese university students.
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