How to say ….house wine in Russian: domashnego vina


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How to say ….house wine in Russian: domashnego vina

Learning Russian for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say ….house wine in Russian: domashnego vina
Say it out loud: “dah mah sh nye vah vee nah

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Some more helpful words in our Russian Drinks category:

...a glass of – bokal…  (bah kahl…)
...a liter of – litr…  (lee tr…) – piva  (pee vah) wine – krasnogo / belogo vina  (crah snah vah / bye lah vah vee nah)
bottled water – voda  (vah dah)
carbonated water – gazirovannaya voda  (gah zee roh vah nah ya vah dah)
coffee / tea – kofe / chay  (koh fye / chay)
hot water – goryachaya voda  (gah rya chah ya vah dah)
no ice – bez l'da  (bye zohl dah)
… a bottle of – butylku…  (boo tyl coo…)
….house wine – domashnego vina  (dah mah sh nye vah vee nah)

And here’s how to say ….house wine in other languages!

Arabic–Al Nabeez Al Manzele  (al na beez al man ze le)
Chinese–...Pútáojiǔ  (...Poo Tao Jyo)
Croatian–vina kuće  (vee nuh koo chay)
Czech–víno  (vee no)
Finnish–…talon viiniä  (tah lohn vee nia)
French–vin maison  (vahn may zoh)
German–hauswein  (hows vine)
Italian–vino della casa  (vino della cah suh)
Japanese–Hausu Wain  (How Soo Wah In)
Korean–… Hauseu Wain  (… House Wine)
Polish–wino domowe  (vee' no do mo' ve)
Portuguese–...Vinho Da Casa  (...veen yoo dah kah zah)
Russian–domashnego vina  (dah mah sh nye vah vee nah)
Spanish–vino de casa  (vee no day kah suh)
Swahili–mvinyo nyumba  (mm vee n’yoh n’yoo mm bah)
Thai–Wai Thammada  (wai tahm ah dah)
Turkish–evi şarap  (ee vee shah rahp)
Vietnamese–… House Wine  (… Nya Ruu)

House wine refers to the table wine that a restaurant serves when a customer orders simply "red wine" or "white wine." It is generally the cheapest wine the restaurant will serve, and is often kept in bulk, such as a very large bottle or cask. Quality might vary dramatically, from very poor to quite pleasing and easy to drink with a meal. Wine-producing regions such as Italy, Spain, France and Croatia often provide high quality house wine at very affordable prices.


Anastasija Rizika
Biography: Anastasija Rizika is a Sinologist, translator, Chinese and English teacher living in Nanjing, China. After graduating with a BA in Asian Studies from Latvian University in 2010, Anastasija attended Chinese Bridge Camp in Changsha, China and then moved to live in Nanjing, China, where she is currently earning a Masters in International Education from Nanjing Normal University. Anastasia currently works for an English training center and is involved in education and cultural exchange. She also moonlights as a Chinese negotiator in one of the biggest companies in Nanjing.
Born: Latvia, Riga
Location: Nanjing, China


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Biography: Ulan is a PhD student at Indiana University, in the Department of Anthropology. His main focus of reserach is about Islam in Kazakhstan. Originally from Astana, Kazakhstan, Ulan is currently doing field work in Pavlodar Oblast (Province), Kazakhstan.
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Location: Pavlodar Oblast, Kazakhstan

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