How to say hotel in French: Hôtel


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How to say hotel in French: Hôtel

Learning French for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say hotel in French: Hôtel
Say it out loud: “oh tell

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Some more helpful words in our French Primary Nouns category:

airport – Aéroport  (eye ho poh)
bank – Banque  (bahnk)
bar – Bar  (bah)
bus – Autobus  (auto boos)
car – Auto  (ow toe)
coffeehouse – Café  (café)
hospital – Hôpital  (óh pee tahl)
hostel – Auberge  (oh bearge)
hotel – Hôtel  (oh tell)
market – Le Marché  (lay már shay)
pharmacy – Pharmacie  (pharmacy)
police – Police  (police)
post office – Bureau de Poste  (bureau day post)
restaurant – restaurant  (rest oo rahn)
taxi – Taxi  (taxi)
train – Métro  (may tro)

And here’s how to say hotel in other languages!

Arabic–Fondoq  (fon dok)
Chinese–Bīnguǎn  (Bin Gwan)
Croatian–hotel  (show tell)
Czech–hotel  (ho tell)
Finnish–hotelli  (hoh tel lih)
French–Hôtel  (oh tell)
German–das hotel  (duhs hotel)
Italian–albergo  (ahl bear go)
Japanese–Hoteru  (Hoh Teh Roo)
Korean–Hotel  (Hotel)
Polish–hotel  (hotel)
Portuguese–Hotel  (oh teh-oo)
Russian–otel'  (ah tehl)
Spanish–hotel  (oh tell)
Swahili–hoteli  (ho teh lee)
Thai–Rong Raem  (rohng rehm)
Turkish–otel  (oh tell)
Vietnamese–Khách Sạn  (Khak San)

For anyone traveling a basic requirement is accommodation. This is where you will sleep. Also you may require a place to go and have your drink and meals and the best place for either or both activities you can get them at a "hotel" (Hôtel). Always ensure you have chosen a good "hotel" (Hôtel) for bed or breakfast and other meals as one bad experience can ruin your trip. Get instant access to the French Language Set.

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