How to say grocery store in Arabic: Mahal Beqala


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How to say grocery store in Arabic: Mahal Beqala

Learning Arabic for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say grocery store in Arabic: Mahal Beqala
Say it out loud: “ma hal be ka la

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Some more helpful words in our Arabic Dining Basics category:

beer / wine – Bera / Nebeeth  (be ra / ne beeth)
beverage – Al Mashrobaat  (al mash ro baat)
business hours – Sa'ar El 'mal  (sa hat el amal)
casual restaurant – Mat'am  (mat ham)
check – Check  (shek)
coffee / tea – Kahwa / Shay  (kah wa / shay)
grocery store – Mahal Beqala  (ma hal be ka la)
marketplace – Souq  (souk)
menu – Qa'emat Ta'am  (ka emat ta ham)
service charge – Resoom El Khedma  (re soom el ked ma)
table for two – Tawela le shakhsayn  (ta we la le shak sayen)
tip – Baqsheesh/Tips  (Bak sheesh / tips)
water – Maa'  (maah)

And here’s how to say grocery store in other languages!

Arabic–Mahal Beqala  (ma hal be ka la)
Chinese–Chāoshì  (Chao Shr)
Croatian–mješovita roba  (me yay sho vee tah ro bah)
Czech–potraviny  (POE trah vee nee)
Finnish–ruokakauppa  (ruh oh kah cowp pah)
French–épicerie  (eh pee sree)
German–lebensmittelgeschäft  (leh binz mittl geh sheft)
Italian–drogheria  (droh gair ee' uh)
Japanese–Sūpā  (Soo Pah)
Korean–Supeomakes  (Super Market)
Polish–sklep spożywczy  (sklehp spo zee fchy)
Portuguese–Mercearia  (mehr se aahr ee-ah)
Russian–produktovyu magazin  (prah dooc toh vyu mah gah zeen)
Spanish–bodega  (boe day' guh)
Swahili–soko la mboga  (soh koh lah mmboh gah)
Thai–Talat  (da laat)
Turkish–bakkal  (bah kahl)
Vietnamese–Tiệm Tạp Hóa  (Teem Tap Hwah)

"Will you please pass by the "grocery store" (Mahal Beqala)?" Don't get lost when you hear this phrase next time, a "grocery store" (Mahal Beqala) is a shop that sells food and other non-food items sold that are necessary for home use, they include vegetables, toiletries, cooking items etc. Get instant access to the Arabic Language Set.


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