How to say grilled in Italian: alla grigia


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How to say grilled in Italian: alla grigia

Learning Italian for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say grilled in Italian: alla grigia
Say it out loud: “all ah greel ee ah

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Some more helpful words in our Italian Cooking Methods category:

baked – al forno  (al for no)
boiled – bollito  (bowl ee toe)
fried – fritto  (free toe)
grilled – alla grigia  (all ah greel ee ah)
rare – al sangue  (all sahn gway)
raw – crudo  (crew doh)
roasted – arrostito  (ah ro stee toe)
sauteed – saltati  (saul taut ee)
spicy – piccante  (pee cahn tay)
stewed – stufato  (stew fah toe)
stuffed – ripieno  (reep ee ay no)
well done – ben cotta  (ben coot uh)

And here’s how to say grilled in other languages!

Arabic–Mashwi  (mash wi)
Chinese–Shāo Kǎo De  (Shao Kao Duh)
Croatian–s roštilja  (sroash tee yah)
Czech–grilovaný  (greel o vahn ee)
Finnish–grillattu  (grill aht tuh)
French–grillé  (gree yay)
German–gegrillt  (geh grillt)
Italian–alla grigia  (all ah greel ee ah)
Japanese–Guriru Shita  (Goo Ree Roo Shee Tah)
Korean–Geurire Guun  (Grill E Goo Oon)
Polish–grillowany  (grillo va' nyh)
Portuguese–Grelhado  (grel ya doo)
Russian– grille  (… nah gree lye)
Spanish–asado  (ah sah doe)
Swahili–choma  (choh mah)
Thai–Yang  (YAHNG)
Turkish–izgara  (uz gar' uh)
Vietnamese–Nướng  (Nuu-Uhng)

"grilled" (alla grigia) food involves dry heat being applied to the surface of the food. Common foods that are made this way are "grilled" (alla grigia) chicken, "grilled" (alla grigia) vegetables, "grilled" (alla grigia) meats and so much more. It's advisable to try locally "grilled" (alla grigia) foods. Learn more about cooking methods from the instant access to the Italian Language Set.

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