How to say fried in Croatian: prženi


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How to say fried in Croatian: prženi

Learning Croatian for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say fried in Croatian: prženi
Say it out loud: “pruh zhen ee

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Some more helpful words in our Croatian Cooking Methods category:

baked – pečen  (peh chen)
boiled – kuhan  (koo hahn)
fried – prženi  (pruh zhen ee)
grilled – s roštilja  (sroash tee yah)
rare – još krvav  (yoash krvahv)
raw – prijesan  (pree yay sahn)
roasted – pečena  (peh chen uh)
sauteed – dodatkom  (doe daht kuhm)
spicy – začinjen  (zah cheen yen)
stewed – pirjan  (peer yahn)
stuffed – punjeni  (poon yen ee)
well done – kuhani i  (koo hahn ee ee)

And here’s how to say fried in other languages!

Arabic–Maqli  (mak li)
Chinese–Zhá De  (Ja Duh)
Croatian–prženi  (pruh zhen ee)
Czech–smažený  (smah zhen ee)
Finnish–paistettu  (pies teht tuh)
French–frit  (fwee)
German–frittiert  (frit eert)
Italian–fritto  (free toe)
Japanese–Ageta  (Ah Geh Tah)
Korean–Twigin  (Twee Gin)
Polish–smażony  (sma zho' nyh)
Portuguese–Frito  (free too)
Russian–zharennyu  (zhah rye nyu)
Spanish–frito  (free toe)
Swahili–karanga  (kah rah n’ gah)
Thai–Thot  (TAWT)
Turkish–kızartma  (kih zart' muh)
Vietnamese–Chiên  (Jien)

When sampling foods it's important to sample all varieties of cooking methods such as roasting, baking, boiling and frying. "fried" (prženi) food is delicious and juicy. It's a common favorite among many individuals. "fried" (prženi) native food may taste different from what you have back home even better. So next time you're in a local restaurant order for some "fried" (prženi) dish. Get instant access to the Croatian Language Set.

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