How to say duck in Turkish: ördek


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How to say duck in Turkish: ördek

Learning Turkish for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say duck in Turkish: ördek
Say it out loud: “ur' dek

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Some more helpful words in our Turkish Meats category:

beef – siğir eti  (seer' eh tay)
chicken – tavuk eti  (tau ook eh tay)
duck – ördek  (ur' dek)
goat – keçi eti  (kech ee eh tay)
ham – jambon  (jhahm bone)
lamb – kuzu eti  (koo zoo eh tay)
mutton – koyun eti  (koy yun eh tay)
pork – domuz eti  (doe muz eh tay)
rabbit – tavşan eti  (tov shawn eh tay)
steak – biftek  (beef tek)
veal – dana eti  (dah nuh eh tay)
venison – geyik eti  (gyake eh tay)

And here’s how to say duck in other languages!

Arabic–But  (but)
Chinese–Yā Ròu  (Ya Row)
Croatian–pačetina  (pah chay tee nuh)
Czech–kachna  (kahk nah)
Finnish–ankka  (unck kah)
French–canard  (can ahr)
German–ente  (in tuh)
Italian–anatra  (uh nah truh)
Japanese–Kamo  (Kah Moh)
Korean–Ori  (Oh Ri)
Polish–kaczka  (kach' ka)
Portuguese–Carne De Pato  (kah nee jee pah too)
Russian–utka  (oo tkah)
Spanish–pato  (pah toe)
Swahili–bata  (bah tah)
Thai–Pet  (bet)
Turkish–ördek  (ur' dek)
Vietnamese–Vịt  (Veet)

Native travel destinations have have an assortment of foods and cooking methods, when in their hotels try and sample as much as you can and one thing to look out for is "duck" (ördek). You may ask the waiter "how do you serve your "duck" (ördek)?" Get instant access to the Turkish Language Set.

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