How to say dairy in Italian: latticini


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How to say dairy in Italian: latticini

Learning Italian for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say dairy in Italian: latticini
Say it out loud: “lah tee chee nee

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Some more helpful words in our Italian Diet Considerations category:

bread – pane  (pah nay)
celiac – celiaco  (chel ee ah koe)
cheese – formaggio  (for maj yo)
dairy – latticini  (lah tee chee nee)
eggs – uova  (oo oh vah)
gluten-free – senza glutine  (senza glue teen eh)
I am vegan – sono vegano/a  (vee gah no)
I am vegetarian – sono vegetariano/a  (veh juh tear ee ah no)
I don't eat… – non mangio  (noan mahn jee oh)
kosher – kosher  (koe sair)
meat – carne  (car nay)
milk – latte  (lah tay)
nuts – noci  (no chay)
organic – organico  (organ ee' koh)
sugar – zucchero  (zoo kair oh)
wheat – grano  (grah no)

And here’s how to say dairy in other languages!

Arabic–Al Albaan  (al al baan)
Chinese–Rǔ Pǐn  (Roo Pin)
Croatian–mljekara  (mill yay kah rah)
Czech–mléčné  (mleh chnay)
Finnish–maitotuotteet  (my toh tuh otteh eht)
French–laitiers  (let ee ay)
German–molkerei  (moll ker ī)
Italian–latticini  (lah tee chee nee)
Japanese–Nyuu Seihin  (Nyoo Sei Hin)
Korean–Yujepum  (Yoo Je Poom)
Polish–mleczny  (mletch' nyh)
Portuguese–Latícinios  (lah chee see nee-oos)
Russian–molochnye produkti  (mah loh chny ye prah doo kty)
Spanish–productos lácteos  (pro dook' tōs lack' tee ohs)
Swahili–maziwa  (mah zee wah)
Thai–Nom Noei  (nohm noo-ee)
Turkish–mandıra  (mahn dure uh)
Vietnamese–Sản Phẩm Có Sữa  (San Fam Caw Suu-Uh)

"dairy" (latticini) products come in all shapes and sizes and it's expected to be the same in the native lands you travel to, your host may ask you "What is your favorite "dairy" (latticini) product? " or the native tour agent may ask you "are you allergic to "dairy" (latticini) products? ". Whatever "dairy" (latticini) you like, milk, cheese, butter ,cream or yoghurt try and experience the varieties offered on your next trip. Get instant access to the Italian Language Set.

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