How to say chickpeas in Italian: ceci


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How to say chickpeas in Italian: ceci

Learning Italian for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say chickpeas in Italian: ceci
Say it out loud: “chech ee

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Some more helpful words in our Italian Vegetables category:

artichokes – carciofi  (car chee oaf ee)
beans – fagioli  (faj ee o lee)
carrots – carote  (car oat ay)
chickpeas – ceci  (chech ee)
cucumber – cetriolo  (cheh tree ah low)
eggplant – melanzana  (mell ahn zah nah)
garlic – aglio  (ahl yo)
lentils – lenticchie  (lent ee kyeh)
mushrooms – funghi  (foon ghee)
olives – olive  (oo lee vay)
onions – cipolle  (chee poe lay)
peppers – peperoni  (pepper oh nee)
potato – patata  (puh tah tuh)
salad – insalata  (in suh lot uh)
spinach – spinaci  (spin ah chee)
tomatoes – pomodori  (poe moe door ee)

And here’s how to say chickpeas in other languages!

Arabic–Homos  (ho mos)
Chinese–Yīng Zuǐ Dòu  (Ing Dzway Dou)
Croatian–slanutak  (slah noo tahk)
Czech–cizrna  (siz uhr nuh)
Finnish–kikherne  (kick hehr neh)
French–pois chiches  (pwah sheesh)
German–kichererbsen  (kee hare ahb sen)
Italian–ceci  (chech ee)
Japanese–Hiyoko Mame  (Hee Yoh Koh Mah Meh)
Korean–Byeongarikong  (Byung Ah Ri Kong)
Polish–ciecierzyca  (tzie tzie shyh' tza)
Portuguese–Grão-De-Bico  (grah-oo jee bee koo)
Russian–turetskiy goroh  (too rye ts keey gah roh h)
Spanish–garbanzos  (gar bahn' zohs)
Swahili–mbaazi  (mm bah ah zee)
Thai–Tua Luk Kai  (TOO-ah LOOK gai)
Turkish–nohut  (no hoot)
Vietnamese–Đậu Xanh  (Dow Sahn)

"chickpeas" (ceci) come in different colors and make great meals. You can have them for lunch or supper. When on tour you can visit the native food market and sample the varying colors of "chickpeas" (ceci) and later go to a restaurant and politely tell the waiter ""chickpeas" (ceci) for two please." Get instant access to the Italian Language Set.

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