How to say car in Korean: Cha


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How to say car in Korean: Cha

Learning Korean for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say car in Korean: Cha
Say it out loud: “Cha

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Some more helpful words in our Korean Primary Nouns category:

airport – Gonghang  (Gong Hang)
bank – Eunhaeng  (Eun Haeng)
bar – Ba  (Bar)
bus – Beoseu  (Bus)
car – Cha  (Cha)
coffeehouse – Keopisyop  (Coffee Shop)
hospital – Byeongwon  (Byung Won)
hostel – Hoseutel  (Hostel)
hotel – Hotel  (Hotel)
market – Sijang  (Shi Jang)
pharmacy – Yakguk  (Yak Gook)
police – Gyeongchal  (Gyung Chal)
post office – Ucheguk  (Woo Che Gook)
restaurant – Sikdang  (Shik Dang)
taxi – Taeksi  (Taxi)
train – Gicha  (Gi Cha)

And here’s how to say car in other languages!

Arabic–Sayara  (sa ya ra)
Chinese–Qìchē  (Chee Chuh)
Croatian–automobil  (ow toe moe beel)
Czech–auto  (ow toe)
Finnish–auto  (ow toh)
French–Auto  (ow toe)
German–das auto  (duhs ow toe)
Italian–auto  (ow toe)
Japanese–Kuruma  (Koo Roo Mah)
Korean–Cha  (Cha)
Polish–samochód  (sah mo' hood)
Portuguese–Carro  (kah hoo)
Russian–mashina  (mah shee nah)
Spanish–coche  (koe chay)
Swahili–gari  (gah ree)
Thai–Rot  (roht)
Turkish–araba  (ah rah bah)
Vietnamese–Xe Hơi  (Se Huhy)

Will you be travelling by "car" (Cha) or by train? Either way, you will need to know the names of these two phrases. Now you know what "car" (Cha) is in Korean. Learn about other modes of transport using our instant access to the Korean Language Set.


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