How to say beer / wine in Arabic: Bera / Nebeeth


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How to say beer / wine in Arabic: Bera / Nebeeth

Learning Arabic for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say beer / wine in Arabic: Bera / Nebeeth
Say it out loud: “be ra / ne beeth

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Some more helpful words in our Arabic Dining Basics category:

beer / wine – Bera / Nebeeth  (be ra / ne beeth)
beverage – Al Mashrobaat  (al mash ro baat)
business hours – Sa'ar El 'mal  (sa hat el amal)
casual restaurant – Mat'am  (mat ham)
check – Check  (shek)
coffee / tea – Kahwa / Shay  (kah wa / shay)
grocery store – Mahal Beqala  (ma hal be ka la)
marketplace – Souq  (souk)
menu – Qa'emat Ta'am  (ka emat ta ham)
service charge – Resoom El Khedma  (re soom el ked ma)
table for two – Tawela le shakhsayn  (ta we la le shak sayen)
tip – Baqsheesh/Tips  (Bak sheesh / tips)
water – Maa'  (maah)

And here’s how to say beer / wine in other languages!

Arabic–Bera / Nebeeth  (be ra / ne beeth)
Chinese–Píjiǔ / Pútáojiǔ  (Pee Jyo / Poo Tao Jyo)
Croatian–pivo / vino  (pee voh / vee no)
Czech–pivo / víno  (PEE vo / VEE no)
Finnish–olut / viini  (oh lut / vee ni)
French–Bière / Vin  (bee airh / vah)
German–bier /wein  (beer / vine)
Italian–birra / vino  (beer uh / vee no)
Japanese–Bīru / Wain  (Bee Roo / Wah In)
Korean–Maekju / Wain  (Maek Joo / Wine)
Polish–piwo / wino  (pee' vo/ vee' no)
Portuguese–Cerveja / Vinho  (sehr vay juh / veen yoo)
Russian–pivo / vino  (pee vah / vee noh)
Spanish–cerveza / vino  (sair vay sah / vee no)
Swahili–pombe / mvinyo  (pōm bay / m vee' nyoh)
Thai–Bia/Wai  (bee-ah/wai)
Turkish–bira / şarap  (beer uh / shaw rup)
Vietnamese–Bia / Rượu Vang  (Beeuh / Ruu Vahn)

No journey is complete without sampling the local brew, that is "beer / wine" (Bera / Nebeeth). Most destinations have bars and restaurants serving the best "beer / wine" (Bera / Nebeeth) in their menu, you can tell this by looking at the prices, local "beer / wine" (Bera / Nebeeth) customarily comes with the local name and you can easily order for a beer or two or a glass of wine to identify with the natives. Learn more about local brews by getting instant access to the Arabic Language Set.


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