How to say airport in Finnish: lentoasema


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How to say airport in Finnish: lentoasema

Learning Finnish for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say airport in Finnish: lentoasema
Say it out loud: “len toh ah seh mah

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Some more helpful words in our Finnish Primary Nouns category:

airport – lentoasema  (len toh ah seh mah)
bank – pankki  (pahn kkih)
bar – baari  (bar ih)
bus – bussi, linja-auto  (buhs sih, lin ya-ow toh)
car – auto  (ow toh)
city bus – paikallisbussi  (pie kahl lis buhs sih)
coffeehouse – kahvila  (kahh ve lah)
hospital – sairaala  (sai raah lah)
hostel – hostelli  (hoh stel lih)
hotel – hotelli  (hoh tel lih)
long-distance bus – kaukolinja  (cow coh lin ya)
long-distance train – kaukojuna  (cow coh yu nah)
pharmacy – apteekki  (up teh eck kih)
police – poliisi  (poh leas ih)
post office – posti  (poh stih)
restaurant – ravintola  (rah ven toh lah)
short-distance train – lähijuna  (la hih yu na)
supermarket – tavaratalo  (ta vah rah ta loh)
taxi – taksi  (tah xih)
train – juna  (yu nah)

And here’s how to say airport in other languages!

Arabic–Matar  (ma tar)
Chinese–Jīchǎng  (Jee Chang)
Croatian–zračna luka  (zrahk shnuh loo kuh)
Czech–letiště  (leh teesh tyeh)
Finnish–lentoasema  (len toh ah seh mah)
French–Aéroport  (eye ho poh)
German–der flughafen  (dare flook hof en)
Italian–aeroporto  (eye roh porto)
Japanese–Kuukou  (Koo Kow)
Korean–Gonghang  (Gong Hang)
Polish–lotnisko  (lot nee' sko)
Portuguese–Aeroporto  (ay-ey roo por too)
Russian–aeroport  (ah eh rah port)
Spanish–aeropuerto  (air oh pwair toe)
Swahili–uwanja wa ndege  (oo wahn jah wahn day gay)
Thai–Sanam Bin  (sah nahm been)
Turkish–havaalanı  (ha vah lah nah)
Vietnamese–Xân Bay  (Sahn Bai)

Your visit is finally over and it's time to head on to the "airport" (lentoasema). We are very happy you visited and chose to travel and learn using our instant access to the Finnish Language Set. Share your travel adventures with us! After all, we shared our translations with you.


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