How to say … a bottle of in Chinese: Yī Píng…


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How to say … a bottle of in Chinese: Yī Píng…

Learning Chinese for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say … a bottle of in Chinese: Yī Píng…
Say it out loud: “Ee Ping…

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Some more helpful words in our Chinese Drinks category:

...a glass of – Yī Bēi…  (Ee Bay…)
...a liter of – Yī Shēng…  (Ee Shuhng…) – ...Píjiǔ  (...Pee Jyo) wine – ...Hóng / Bái Pútáojiǔ  (...Hong / Bai Poo Tao Jyo)
bottled water – Kuàngquánshuǐ  (Kwang Chwen Shway)
carbonated water – Qìshuǐ  (Chee Shway)
coffee / tea – Kāfēi /Chá  (Ka Fay / Cha)
hot water – Kāishuǐ  (Kai Shway)
no ice – Búyào Bīng  (Boo Yao Bing)
water – Shuǐ  (Shway)
… a bottle of – Yī Píng…  (Ee Ping…)
….house wine – ...Pútáojiǔ  (...Poo Tao Jyo)

And here’s how to say … a bottle of in other languages!

Arabic–Zugaga men…  (zu ga ga men)
Chinese–Yī Píng…  (Ee Ping…)
Croatian–boca  (boat sah)
Czech–...flaška  (...flash kuh)
Finnish–pullollinen…  (pull lol lih nehn)
French–une bouteille de  (oon bō tell ee duh)
German–eine flasche  (iyn flah shay)
Italian–una bottiglia di  (oo nuh bō till' ee uh dee)
Japanese–…Ippon  (…Ee' Ppon)
Korean–… Han Byeong  (… Han Byung)
Polish–butelka  (boo tel' ka)
Portuguese–...Uma Garrafa De  (...oohm ah gah ha fah jee)
Russian–butylku…  (boo tyl coo…)
Spanish–una botella de  (oo nuh bo tell uh day)
Swahili–chupa ya  (choo pah yah)
Thai–... Nueng Khuat  (... noong koo -aht)
Turkish–bir şişe  (beer she shay)
Vietnamese–…. Một Chai  (… Mot Chai)

Its late in the evening in your destination of choice and you are craving a drink to help you unwind and relax after a day of breath taking adventure. You can just walk into a local pub and order a "… a bottle of" (Yī Píng…) beer. Most guest houses are also outfitted with bars and you may as well as call for room service and order for bottle "… a bottle of" (Yī Píng…) (or two of) your favorite drink. Get instant access to the Chinese Language Set.


Fred Bane
Biography: Fred Bane is a media producer and translator living in Nanjing China. Since graduating with a BA in International Relations from American University in 2007, Fred has lived in Vietnam and then China, where he received a Masters in Ethnography from Nanjing University in 2012. Fred currently works for a non-profit organization involved in education and cultural exchange, and moonlights as a Chinese-English medical translator.
Born: Portland, Oregon, USA
Location: Nanjing, China
Website : Ameson Education and Culture Exchange Foundation

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