How to say 60 in Italian: sessanta


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How to say 60 in Italian: sessanta

Learning Italian for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say 60 in Italian: sessanta
Say it out loud: “say sahn tah

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Some more helpful words in our Italian Numbers category:

1 – uno  (oo no)
2 – due  (doo way)
3 – tre  (tray)
4 – quattro  (kwah troh)
5 – cinque  (cheen kway)
6 – sei  (say)
7 – sette  (set tay)
8 – otto  (oh toe)
9 – nove  (no vay)
10 – dieci  (dee yay chee)
11 – undici  (oon dee chee)
12 – dodici  (doh dee chee)
20 – venti  (ven tee)
30 – trenta  (train tah)
40 – quaranta  (kwah rahn tah)
50 – cinquanta  (cheen kwahn tah)
60 – sessanta  (say sahn tah)
70 – settanta  (seh tahn tah)
80 – ottanta  (oh tahn tah)
90 – novanta  (no vahn tah)
100 – cento  (chen toe)
1000 – mille  (meel lay)

And here’s how to say 60 in other languages!

Arabic–Settoon  (set toon)
Chinese–Liùshí  (Lyo Shr)
Croatian–šezdeset  (shez deh set)
Czech–šedesát  (sheh deh saht)
Finnish–kuusikymmentä  (koo sih kim men tah)
French–Soixante  (sway saunt)
German–sechzig  (zekh tsikh)
Italian–sessanta  (say sahn tah)
Japanese–Roku Juu  (Roh Koo Jew)
Korean–Yuksip  (Yook Ship)
Polish–sześćdziesiąt  (sheshch dzyeah' syont)
Portuguese–Sessenta  (ses en tah)
Russian–shest'desyat  (sheh sdye syat)
Spanish–sesenta  (say sin tuh)
Swahili–sitini  (see tee nee)
Thai–Hok Sip  (hohk sip)
Turkish–altmiş  (alt mish)
Vietnamese–Sáu Mươi  (Sau Muy)

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