How to say 11 in French: Onze


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How to say 11 in French: Onze

Learning French for travel or study? Let’s try this term:

To say 11 in French: Onze
Say it out loud: “ounz

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Some more helpful words in our French Numbers category:

1 – Un  (ah)
2 – Deux  (dooh)
3 – Trois  (twah)
4 – Quatre  (kyath)
5 – Cinq  (sahnk)
6 – Six  (sees)
7 – Sept  (sayt)
8 – Huit  (wheat)
9 – Neuf  (nuff)
10 – Dix  (dees)
11 – Onze  (ounz)
12 – Douze  (dooz)
20 – Vingt  (vahn)
30 – Trente  (traunt)
40 – Quarante  (care haunt)
50 – Cinquante  (sain kwahnt)
60 – Soixante  (sway saunt)
70 – Soixante-dix  (sway saunt dees)
80 – Quatre-vingts  (kay truh vahn)
90 – Quatre-vingts-dix  (kaytruh vahndees)
100 – Cent  (sahn)
1000 – Mille  (meel)

And here’s how to say 11 in other languages!

Arabic–Ahada Ashar  (A hada ashar)
Chinese–Shíyī  (Shr Ee)
Croatian–jedanaest  (yay dahn est)
Czech–jedenáct  (yeh de nahts)
Finnish–yksitoista  (ixih toh is tah)
French–Onze  (ounz)
German–elf  (elf)
Italian–undici  (oon dee chee)
Japanese–Juu Ichi  (Jew Ee Chee)
Korean–Sibil  (Ship Il)
Polish–jedenaście  (yeah deh nash' tsheh)
Portuguese–Onze  (ohn zee)
Russian–odinnadtsat'  (ah dee nah tsat)
Spanish–once  (ōhn say)
Swahili–kumi na moja  (koo me na moh jah)
Thai–Sip Et  (sip et)
Turkish–onbir  (ahn beer)
Vietnamese–Mười Một  (Muy Mot)

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