Pop a Pill, Learn a Language

From foreign to familiar: how science is much closer than you think to facilitating learning at all levels, including language

Pop a Pill, Learn a Language

Like Neo in the Matrix, MIT Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte discusses how we might be able to ingest a pill that includes compounds which make their way through the bloodstream to the brain and install language components.

Other researchers, many in the field of synthetic biology, are looking at using viruses for many internal functions, including the ability to hone in on cancer cells and infect them, leaving the body’s normal cells untouched and unharmed.

And then there are the food hackers, who are creating yeasts as a vehicle for any number of body modifications. In other words, you might drink a beer brewed with special yeasts that can make your eyes glow in the dark for the evening of partying. Yeah, that’s a step beyond those fancy cat-eye contact lenses.

Point being, science is going to continue surprising us, and it’s not really that big of a stretch to imagine how it can facilitate learning language at a far great rate and depth than we learn currently. Check out the TED talk below for more on Negroponte’s theory.

What do you think? Ready to learn Turkish or Thai from a pill?
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